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a meaningless notice!
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At my high school (much like any other school) we had our social standings. With:
-The popular kids
-The less popular but generally liked kids
-The people who (intentionally) made themselves social rejects
-The not popular but deluded into thinking they were extremely popular kids
-The true social rejects

There were many subgroups too, but there's no need to go into such detail. I was fairly new to the school. I had just moved from Scotland to France a few months before, and was attending a French school (as opposed to one made for expats, they exist). For some reason the popular kids at the school clung onto me like a neckbeard to his waifu. They tried to learn English to better communicate with me (instead of just helping me learn French) Invited me to go out after school and at weekends etc, as if there was a competition to gain my affection.
It was pretty good, but it gained me a serious amount of attention and everybody in the entire region knew my name within these few short months.

My standard of French wasn't that great. I remember one time in History/Geography we were put into groups of 4, I was with a friend who the teacher decided I should sit with because he really enjoyed helping me with work (maybe it was his fetish, I don't know).
So the group was my friend, myself, a girl who spoke English quite well so the teacher also assigned this person to me and this munter who ******* despised me who looked down at me like I'd **** on her shoes or something .
This munter definitely fell into the category of "The unpopular but deluded into thinking they were extremely popular kids". She'd talk about me to her other autist friends "he's been here for 4 months, why doesn't he speak French yet?".
I don't know about you guys, but French is a seriously ******* hard language to learn quickly, and most of my lessons were to improve my reading and writing
(damn I'm approaching the limit)
#5 - lolzordz (04/26/2014) [-]
uch to be doing a class presentation with someone like that
#12 - jumabe (04/26/2014) [-]
Bitches be like...
#107 - kez (04/26/2014) [+] (46 replies)
You do realise girls do this to test you?

To see if you are interested in them and to see if you are confident or a little bitch.

If a girl says some kind of rejection phrase immediately like "I have a boyfriend" if you get upset, they know you were interested in them and you're a little bitch, if you werent interested you would care like this guy comes across.

If you throw a hissy fit it and go all " **** you i just wanted to talk, ******* bitch!" or something pathetic, it just shows you may or may not have been interested, but you completely lack confidenc, as a confident person wouldnt give a **** . They would take rejection as if nothing happened. Like this guy comes across.

So this guy comes across alpha so this is good. But when girls immediately reject you, its just a test, girls do it a lot, its called " **** tests".

Think of it this way, if you walk over to a girl like you're a ******* baus, she doesnt know if this is the real you, or an act you're putting on the try and attract her. If she then says something negative about you, if you get all upset and be mean back and stuff she knows that was all and act, and you're actually a little bitch, not the confident baus who walked over and started talking to her. However, If you act all confident about it and take it on the chin, then it proves this isnt an act, this is the real you, and you're a ******* baus and someone she wants to know.

Learn how to react to **** tests, it gains you so much value and attraction with a girl when you pass them with flying colours.

Imagine if you want to get into the soccer team and you go to the coach all like, I want in the team, and he goes, I dont think you're good enough, sorry. Then you get the football, do some mad tricks then score a 25 yard screemer in the top corner. Hes all like "HOLY ******* **** , YOU'RE AMAZING!". But if you just go **** YOU and go home like a little bitch then hes like, well he probably is **** at soccer then.
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You guys should probably trust this guys knowledge on females, it's legit, he has read many books....
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**vomitjar rolled image** my only friend
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I'm being a cunt here, but I genuinely don't get it.
User avatar #165 to #157 - godhatesusall (04/26/2014) [-]
Pretty sure the idea is that the guy texts the girl to get information on a Powerpoint project that they're working on, but the girl assumes he's hitting on her.
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SOMEONE is full of themself....
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Bitches, mang.
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lol His face when
lol His face when
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