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#56164 - indeedaleedoo
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(05/13/2013) [-]
I hate people who wait until you've gone back upstairs to try to talk to you and call you back.
I hate those same people that once you're downstairs they say "never mind"

I hate the Jeremy Kyle show. Its for scumbags who have shit else to do and just want the free hotel, or they cant be assed dealing with their own shit. Think your partner cheated? Then you dont trust them, and shouldn't be together. You can also do DNA tests without whacking your manky face on TV and bitching.

I hate this anti-gay douche student at my university. If you're anti-gay then fine, hate us. But when you start hanging around gay bars and outside gay students campus's waiting for them to come out to throw shit at them, you need to get a fucking grip. Why somebody hasnt beat the shit out of him yet is a huge surprise.

I hate people who abuse benefits. I know far too many people who arent even trying for work. Some got a job but quit after the first day. Why? Laziness and they'd rather have everything paid by the government. I even know a girl whose 19 but has 4 kids, and she openly admitted she went out and had a fourth child because the government would give her a bigger house. She fucking brags about it.
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User avatar #56165 to #56164 - EdwardNigma
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(05/13/2013) [-]
If the dude is LITERALLY throwing shit at gay people, thats illegal. Even if it's just intense verbal abuse with shouting and almost coming to blows, thats disturbing the peace, and that is at LEAST a fine.

User avatar #56166 to #56165 - indeedaleedoo
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(05/13/2013) [-]
We have many times. He still comes back. I have no idea what the police even do, they just escort him away then he's back next week.
User avatar #56169 to #56166 - EdwardNigma
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(05/13/2013) [-]
Then you must delete him.
One way or another.