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User avatar #56126 - iamcanadian (05/13/2013) [-]
Bad Company 1.
This game.......this game makes me.....so angry.
Angry enough.....to give me an epiphany. Like, "what am i doing with my life?" I spend hours in my basement trying desperately to get better at video games. I'm not very good at racing games like Need for Speed or Gran Turismo or whatever else. That's a given. But FPS games i'm good at. I've played hundreds of first person shooters. From DOOM to Call of Duty and Halo to Trouble in Terrorist town. Hundred of games under my belt. Except this game. Bad Company. It's urks me. What i mean is, every time i shoot at someone, repeatedly, nothing happens, and nothing continues to happen until they turn around, see me. and kill me. Now i'm not being that dude who says he hit the guy but really he whiffs on 90% of the shots, no. I actually hit this guy, ranging from ankles, to back and to neck and it does fuck all. yet, he can turn around and kill me with little effort. And this guy isn't hacking. How do i know this? Because it happens for EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. PERSON. The only ways i've been able to get kills in this game is mines and rockets. Actual shooting is just 1 of 3 piss-offs i have for this game. The second is spawn points. In one match...I will die 26 times. This is an average. 24 of those deaths come from the following; Spawning in the line of fire, in front of someone with a shotgun, on my teammate as he gets tanked, and many, many more. This kind of thing happens in every modern FPS i've played. But none more so than in Bad Company 1. This happens often enough to make me come to a realization of what i'm doing with my life. I have so much potential. The third thing that pisses me off about this game. The running. i have to nearly break both my thumb and the thumb stick, just so my guy can keep running more than 13 feet. I have no such problem with any other game. But in this game , my guy can be running then hit a rough patch of dirt and just....stop.
User avatar #56127 to #56126 - iamcanadian (05/13/2013) [-]
I could be running for my life and my guy will just come to a dead stop in the middle of battle. I have no idea why. I set the sensitivity to maximum and i nearly break the thumb stick just so that i can go 18% faster than walking. I could be running in a forest to battle and i'll just stop. I go "why'd i stop?" then a fucking tank bullet will blow me to smithereens and all i'll say is "oh....that's why". MY GUY WILL COME TO A SCREAMING HALT IN THE MIDDLE OF A GUNFIGHT AND GET HIS SHIT PUSHED SO FAR BACK UP HIS ASS HIS BREATHE WILL SMELL TERRIBLE.
I've rage quit this game so many times......i don't even know why i have this game anymore.
This game may very well sent me to the hospital with a ruptured blood vessel i get so angry.
User avatar #56130 to #56127 - sirbutterballs (05/13/2013) [-]
Well you're first mistake is playing BC1 multiplayer. BC2 has great multiplayer but 1 is shit IMO. The stories pretty good and worth quite a few laughs but that's basically where it ends. Now if you want to continue playing this game and feeling good I'd say listen to some up-beat happy music and try killing the hell out of people. Good luck with your rage-inducing path to self-destruction. I face the exact same problems and misfortunes in BF3, that's why I quit the Multiplayer game part.
User avatar #56241 to #56130 - iamcanadian (05/13/2013) [-]
Like i've said, i've played most, if not all, of the FPS'ers available. Which includes both Bad Companies as well as Battlefield 3.
I now refrain from playing BC1.
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