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User avatar #18320 - docxy
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(11/19/2012) [-]
i've got an idea for a thread
best insults you want to tell people
ill start
"i hope you enjoy the sad lie you call a life"
User avatar #18380 to #18320 - boydaranga
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(11/20/2012) [-]
You're a fucking hypocrite! i hope someday you will come to realise just how many contradictions you made in this one game! you remember the time those "Military clan" fuckfaces came into our party, and started to make fun of peoples names and pissing us the fuck off, saying "what a pathetic name! who is called that nowadays? thats such a faggot name" "fuck off cunt you can't do shit, you're a pathetic ginger" and we were idiots for not kicking them out after 10 minutes of verbal abuse! Well, tonight, thats exactly how you were acting, like them, with your buddies you just made, picking on some guy because he named himself "cousin morgan" i would agree that he was a bit cocky saying look at the score board, but arent you? when you get a perfection in halo, don't you go off your nut saying that you're a boss? you are as pathetic as those military clan Fucks.

this was running through my mind all night after i had a game of "The hidden: scource" with a so called friend, i don't care that i didn't know the guy being picked on, i don't want any kind of my friend a cyber bully. also the fact he said on twitter "...and making fun of jerks with dumb names" got me steaming.