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#18103 - zombiesurfer
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(11/17/2012) [-]
I was browsing pokememes and then I see this rage comic.

Honestly this is why pokemon 'fans' like the person who made this comic and my buddy who is also like this, piss me off. WHO CARES if a fucking CHILD has traded strong pokemon over to play the game with. When I was a kid playing pokemon yellow, I couldn't beat brock and asked one of my friends if I could borrow one of his pokemon to beat him. He lent me his level 40 charizard and of course it wouldn't listen to me, so i ended up trading it back and just raising a nidoran. The point I'm making is that the kid might not even realise that it's better to train his own pokemon because it might be his first game. Which brings me to my next point.

On the sixth panel it goes "and only gen V pokemon". OF-FUCKING-COURSE it's going to be gen V pokemon. It's a gen V game! He's already stated that this is a kid so I'm going to assume that pokemon black/white or black/white 2 was his first pokemon game. Well forgive him for not favouriting pokemon that came out in 1998/99, you elitist cunt.

My last point is the fact that this guy gets so angry that the kid cheated. What's wrong with cheating in a game if it only affects yourself? If you enjoy the game a lot more with cheats than without them then go for it. Isn't it better to enjoy a game you like with cheats than play legit but be bored? Also, yet again, he is a child. A childs attention span on a difficult part of a game may not be as much as yours. Getting angry with him for cheating is like yelling at someone playing creative on minecraft because they're not collecting the blocks themselves.