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User avatar #126022 - DevDizzy (10/01/2013) [-]
Jesus Fucking Christ!
It's fucking official folks my brother is the cunt of the year holy shit. Earlier this year my mom decided to ask me and my brother if we wanted a dog I was against it but I didn't get a say because I was asleep when she purchased him. My brother is the one who wanted this dog NOT ME!! So why the fuck am I always taking care of this dog while my brother goes off gallivanting with his fucking friends. I'm always taking the dog out and feeding him. I never wanted this dog. Also another thing is my mom decides to get him when the apartments we live in charge an extra 300 bucks for pets, we are barely getting by as it is what the hell was she thinking!? Back to the main subject though, I'm getting tired of this shit he always leaves his dog in the dust. There are time when he will take his dog with him but those are to few for my liking. Ugh I'm just so pissed off, I can't train this dog for shit and I know he can't either it doesn't help that this dog is a stubborn fucking asshole. I can't count how many times my brother would leave before I wake up then the dog would wake me up from his whining. I'm not gonna lie the dog has grown on me but the negative heavily out weigh the positives when it comes to owning him. I honestly feel bad for the dog when my brother decides to move out because more than likely the dog is gonna starve due to my brother being an irresponsible asshole.
#126025 to #126022 - drillaz (10/01/2013) [-]
Tell your mom you don't want it and sell it
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