If Only Those Stupid Decisions Changed. check it out-/funny_pictures/999012/Corporate+Logo+Secrets+2/<br /> totally not mine =D<br /> ------> i love you and stupid decisions
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If Only Those Stupid Decisions Changed

Gandalf instead of walking the ring to Mount Doom
why not use the giant eagles you know and fly?
Freda that is a much better idea I' m glad you though of that!
lil have two men take him to the woods
and take care of it sire.
TWO ?! Hes a Roman general
you idiot, send twenty and make sure
it gets done right!
Please allow me to fight the P
with you.
You can' t fight in the main group but stand
back and throw spears all day little buddy!
I will make sure he is dead by cutting his head off...
Hold on I gotta put the safe y on my
gun Jules is hitting some bumps...
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