I know all about India. A documented trolling.<br /> This WAS put together in photoshop from screenshots, but the conversation IS 100% REAL.<br /> A india omegle tro
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I know all about India

I know all about India. A documented trolling.<br /> This WAS put together in photoshop from screenshots, but the conversation IS 100% REAL.<br /> A

A documented trolling.<br />
This WAS put together in photoshop from screenshots, but the conversation IS 100% REAL.<br />
A couple of notes:<br />
-1492 was the date Christopher Columbus discovered America, thinking it was India.<br />
-The population of India is only around One Billion.<br />
-India is very well known for foods with lots of different spices.<br />
I was not trying to offend any Indians, either. I was just being an asshole.

gli', omegle Talk to strangers'.
Vuu‘ re new engang with a random stranger. Say ml
emeral messages tram Omega wwll nat he the label ‘stringent Strangers alarming to represent Omega are mug.
You: Hey there
You: How' s
Stranger: Aug, 1 have a propel due tomorrow
You: For school?
Stranger: Yeah
You: Shouldn‘ I you be working on ita
Stranger: Shudup
You: Mars it low
Stranger: " abdul When culture
You: Really?
You: wmm
Stranger: on cool
Stranger: can you new me?
Stranger: Phase‘?
You: Nope
Stranger: f nor)
Stranger: t' s due tomorow
You: I don' t wanna
Stranger: Pleasebe need help‘?
You: 1 need new ml a question
Stranger: Sm up Just please?
Stranger: You there?
Stranger: Please?
Stranger: come on fou' re my last hope
You: Fine
Stranger: Thank your
You: What do you need to know’)
Stranger: Lott
Stranger: What' s the population'
You: 1 5 Billion people
Stranger: Hold on, 1 need to
You: Take your time
You: Any other quesitons?
Stranger: Yeah Lots
Stranger: What rs the birth rate and death rate?
You: 12 mph and 10 mph
You: Birth 12 Death 10
Stranger: Whose the president and anme multistory
You: samen
Stranger: ls heme president or the anme multistory
You: Both
Stranger: Okay rm that down now
Stranger: 1 need to know males history
You: How long a history?
Stranger: Just when it was bounded and em
Stranger: And who discovered it
You: l was discovered m 1492
You: By Colombo Chris
Stranger: 1 need to write more than mm mourn
You: Mlyq
Stranger: 1 need a whole paragraph on history
You: What grade are you?
Stranger: 10th Whyy
You: on alright
Stranger: 1 need a paragraph on history
You: okay, hold on
You: /lowride one
Stranger: hurry up
Stranger: You there?
You: lnira was discworld m 1492 by Colombo Chris Oval the years, [mm has become famous rm " lack or people and " large quantities or
Bananas also were Invented m (Mia Bicycles too wmm also rs home to many people named Gem In 1566, like was a small m male this was
later titled the ‘Milan goal pane, or the rep The rep med a total or 1 billion peopke, ' s population m nan Also, ‘fouls a dumb idiot rm ever besserung
mall would ever help you with your dumb project mam rs one Mme best commas m me world
Stranger: Thanks
You: Lolololol
Stranger: 1 really appreciate your help 1 just copy and pasted mm Into my project
You: Lolbye
Stranger: WAIT NO
You: Maw
You: Dom you have a project to work om
Stranger: 1 need you' re new
You: okay, Me
Stranger: THANK mu so
You: What else?
You: Do you need to know?
Stranger: 1 need to know males major exports
You: Hold you, bananas and
Stranger: on
Stranger: 1 ' t really read that paragraph
Stranger: Do you know abdul man relegions?
You: A little
Stranger: Wat?
You: Theate religiously against sprees and spray mods
Stranger: Who are?
You: Indians
Stranger: okay, that should be good enough
You: What else do you need to know’?
Stranger: That' s it
You: Are you sure?
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Thank you so MUCH Tou saved my LIFE
You: fou' re welcome
You: Any time
Stranger: Wait, 1 need to cite sources, too
Stranger: Like, I need to say where! got my We
You: we say owns
Stranger: 1 can' t
Stranger: (ll need a site
You: Say Omegle
Stranger: I need a URL
Stranger: Like one that has on male
You: http /mum com
van have .
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