CSI WTF. D:. Justin Haber on 1" Gan DAMN was You So Mum Producers, ll an Very disappoint.. hes a rape victim
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User avatar #1 - slapchoppin (09/24/2010) [-]
hes a rape victim
#3 - jayschroo (09/24/2010) [-]
Another awesome show......ruined
Another awesome show......ruined
#2 - tehbearjew (09/24/2010) [-]
why couldnt he play the dead person?
User avatar #5 to #2 - Mattchuu (09/24/2010) [-]
shh don't give away the surprise season ending!
#6 - John Cena (09/24/2010) [-]
It is heavily implied at the end of the episode that he is a BOMBER.

He will go to jail for a very, VERY long time.

Get your head out of the sand and actually watch the show next time.
#4 - John Cena (09/24/2010) [-]
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