Funniest thing i have EVER read. not to be a thumb whore but this is the funniest thing i have read in a long time please share it with others. Last slimmer tit epic
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Funniest thing i have EVER read

not to be a thumb whore but this is the funniest thing i have read in a long time please share it with others

Tags: epic
Last slimmer titer I was townshed administering a good lint dieting to my girlfriend (in be I don' t thin}: -you have em}!
go tots the bathroom to -than up like I always do. Add this whoa had estate a ' abaout to throw the modem
into the toilet to get rid of it use an idea oodles to me. Ipllq font fingers into the open end of and
it oat and hold it up to my asshole and slut into the -modem. A latrines smooth finely tapered poop. It slides all he
stay down into the bottom of the condom. Coming to test in the pool of ejaculate. and displacing some if it so that it
floats on the sides of the mod. Patient. It the like a banana in as skin. Then i was at my , swoon if
anything mold possibly be more awesome. Then i one my d: -on hem in there for good measure. I take
the whole thing. hold the opening other the fatten: and **** it stint warm water. I' m of all the awesome
things i could do with my newly enquired disease balloon. Running all the different seena. rios through my head.
Trying to soled: the single most awesome one “This is going to be spin." I tell myself. Hate it oft the tap. its about
the size ofa ‘volleyball not I go to tie it at the end. and I have the bit weighed around my fingers. seedy to not the up
and win the knot. when was door slips out of grip bemoan he theonly iztrolled end was still
lubricated. It starts shearing tht payload before it was hits the floor.
It lands on my foot; witness a little and empties itself all other my white soon. My girlfriend. who is mil in the
bedroom it' s ‘startled to hear a loud "FAU' ' U' U' U' U' U' ' ' emanating from the bathroom. She then opens
the doom obese on the and is greeted by he sight of he in a puddle **** stew told: a limp
coldactill at his feet, The just stares for a momma ' misruled. Like she out believe whats bagging. Us she douse
out to believe. This poo and diomand toenails on the floor. on the walls. the , on me. While her brain tries to
stake some ofthe some in front other, t slam the door in her fans. seems to may her out oldie daze. "What the
fit elm What the " did you she screams. like she' asabout to city. I feel regret. Hot for wha, I did. but for small
outsold have done. It smells now. I dry off with her n: -are! then than it on the floor. ash at has oldie mess i on.
Ips' on my mot fans and mail the whom. gently shading the door behind me. My girlfriend eyes the. ,
waiting for an explanation. Bat mold handle it. So i walk panther without saying anything. t put on
my mat and neither ‘It' s getting sled of late. Pm gonna head home." "she not stereos: me with that do the tool: on he
fade. Elton my poo snobs in her mailbox and wall: home. That was the last than i would bar from her. But i had
something better now. A diam. I would make another.
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i believe that you would love 2girls1cup if you like this
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