Ode to Squirtle!. Re-uploading my old junk <br /> original: /funny_pictures/421609/Ode+to+Squirtle/. This is an Ode to some the kingturtle pokemon' lust w Ode to Squirtle charmander bulbasaur september Awesome Pokemon PIKACHU
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Ode to Squirtle!

This is an Ode to some
the kingturtle pokemon'
lust when up and I' ll tell you
why he' s so awesome
Ode to Squirtle
This IS his and
Just look at in
Hes lust oinwtg bubbles we
razzi. And whats that he' s
standing on? idem even know’
odviously some form or awesome.
Yes Squirtle can has cheeseburger!
Dr whatever else he wants tor that matter.
Seriously, could you everday no to shisface?
mom think so
Squirle' s got as problems
but his was airtime!
Dead? I cont think so.
is not in his Lets take a look of Squire
wait a minute? what am I talking about?
some only has one side.
The soot side
never heard of it? Yeah you probably havent ..
s mute.‘
hemmed ,
how could you forget something we that?
How could you ever forget a has like thaw
Yeah, you can
they eat the breakfast of champions
And rm started
some had the best episode oi all time
l bet you almost Cried from the
amount awesome they in
into one pokemon
Pretty sure the Squirtle Squad
racked your 12 year mid mind!
Have you ever seen any other pokemon
we a dragonair' 7
makes a special kind of awesome
to hoe a dragon snake!
E@ iial
q Cusp
And to We to wrap up
This epic experience for you
with a joke everyone knew
was coming
Told ya itd Md one
its hard to study the anatomy at awesome
but here it ')
P s was we was as well as the others
I' ll pasta pic at a
stuffed Bulbasaurb F
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