useless information. tell me if you like it (:<br /> positive feedback and i'll make another .. King Kong was Adolf Hitler' s favorite movie James Bond is Useless information
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useless information

tell me if you like it (:<br />
positive feedback and i'll make another .

King Kong was Adolf Hitler' s favorite movie
James Bond is known as ‘Mr. ’ in Italy
The mast difficile twister is
The sixth side ' lys; sixth sie’ pcep'. s stale."
People didn' t always answer the phone with 'Hello'.
When the first regular phone service was established
in 1878, people said 'Ahoy'.
The magic word Abracadabra was originally
intended for the specific pourpose
of curing hay fever
The “what in tarn. adlon'?“ comes From
the / norrin eternal
The Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan "' good"
came out as "Eat your fuggers off" in Chinese
November 19 is Have is Bad Day Day
In Spanish- speaking countries Colgate [toothpaste]
means "go hang yourself"
The word Kangaroo means "1 don' t know" in the language of
Australian Aborigines. When Captain Cook approached
natives of the Endeavor River tribe to ask what the strange
animal he spotted was, he got "kangaroo" as an answer
Savner Ileane, his wife, dent sons, six daughters,
and tth" ) grandchildren were a of
cannibals who lived in the eaves near Galloway,
Scotland, in the early seventeenth century.
Although the total number is not known, " is
believed thev more than Curity biotin's liner
year. The entire fanni Iv was taken away has an
army Edinburgh and executed,
without trial.
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User avatar #8 - AwesomeFatGuy (09/19/2010) [-]
Im gonna bring AHOY back.
User avatar #7 - grundo (09/19/2010) [-]
I thought the most common goldfish name was Goldie......
#2 - margesimpson (09/18/2010) [-]
That was awesome, I hope it gets to the front page, thumb for you!!
oh and (moar plz) :D
User avatar #4 - thewiggly (09/18/2010) [-]
Some of this stuff I already knew :D But still, thumb for useless enlightenment <3
User avatar #3 - lifealert (09/18/2010) [-]
User avatar #1 - Sequoia (09/18/2010) [-]
i like this.
#12 - brucedamoose **User deleted account** (09/19/2010) [-]
I have more info about the cannibal family! Before the men were killed, their penises were chopped off.
#9 - anonymous (09/19/2010) [-]
The colgate thing is wrong.

Cuelgate is hang your self.

Very sight difference, but its different nonetheless
User avatar #6 - TheSebConspiracy (09/19/2010) [-]
nice man keep it up
User avatar #10 - Tharrian (09/19/2010) [-]
JESUS CHRIST! Assassins Creed 3 comes out on November 19th! NOOOOOOO
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