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Not Always Right Collection

Tags: obscurity
Not Cine Of') Histor/ s Mysteries
7 and helping a little boy find a chikirin' s hem on Native
history fer a hem report, J
Me: “I think this ene will eema in handy, It' s all abaut the
different Native American tribes and dramitic) , It even
includes a large map shewing where the Native American tribes
Little Bey: "Thank mu!”
We walks await with his hem and an adult
Easterner: "Why did i; m that?"
Me: We what?"
Easterner: "Tell him these are real.”
Me: "Native Americans?"
Easterner: "Yes!"
Me: "Because they are real.”
Easterner: “Ne! They enla; elitist in movies with cc) wbc) !"
Me: “I inn assure i; that Native Americans exist.”
Easterner: 'marking''' “I suppose i; believe zeebei; s really
existed, tee?”
Flipping Through The Atlas
7 and Filipino, but peopke often mistake We fer Chinese due
my' pale skin. Another Filipino Caseworker een*. -es in while I and
weaking with a , We e. orphange greetings in Tagalog,
a Filipino language with Spanish influences, J
Easterner: "Gay that again. That thing i; said to that ether
Me: "Kubista?"
Easterner: ‘“Cemo esta’. Thaw Spanish! What dew a Chinese
dude need to knew Spanish "?"
Me: "Actually, I-"
Easterner: "Gay samething else in Spanish!”
Me: "sir, I dent speak Spanish veri; well."
Easterner: “Cemo en! Gay ) methanol"
Easterner: ‘“' ! Hey, m i; speak Chinese?"
Me: “Seat, new
Easterner: “Cemo en new! You must knew seme Chinese!"
Easterner: “New sai; samething in Japanese!"
Easterner: 'jrapanese!"
Easterner: “New m Russian!"
Drive Hoo
Me: “'.vileseome to [ Restaurant], hew may I help
Easterner: “Ill take a number 1, s, and 12.”
Me: "Alright, thaw be , 09,"
The drives the window, J
Easterner: “Wee!”
Easterner: “Heel”
Me: “Well played, sir,"
when The Shoe Is On The Other Foot
Wm shee shipping, and Eve taken Off my' ewn shees try on
ether psi's, Another is browsing in the same
sister, she leeks at my' shees and starts try them en. J
Me: "Excuse me? These are mine,"
Easterner: “Ne, they' re not, I saw them first."
Me: “Ne, I mean, I bought them a while age. See, they dent
have price tags en them,"
armoring me, she takes Off my' shoes, and earls ever an
employee J
Easterner: We i; have these in size seven?”
rue never seen these befire. Do i; have the
bat they were in?"
Me: "That' s because they' re mine. They' re not hem here.”
Easterner: “Tells ever“ "She keeps saying that, but I saw
them first."
Uh, ma’ am, she' s right. These are hem [anither
shee stere].”
Easterner: "oh, Well, inn I buy them here?"
Elves We back my' shahs* “Seat, new
Easterner: ‘Well, if thaw hew i; treat i; eur customers here,
I' m leaving!"
as she walks em, she stops check out my' hag on the
Making Phoney Claims
A female has just left the stere after revelling her
order, She then returns, e. agitated, J
Easterner: "My pheny is missing!"
Me: "Did i; leave it in the stem?”
Easterner: "Of course not! I' m not stupid. It was in my ear!”
Me: "rm serai;, CIC) ene’ s turned in a pheny.”
The then proceeds march all ever the not-
dirrectly' -lsrme? shop, irc% ding overturning the wastebasket in
the restroom and ether patrons, /, I
take my' rather 'expensive pheny check the
tiene, J
Easterner: "Hey, thaw my pheny!”
Easterner: “Dent lie to me! F' eople whe werk someplace like
this can' t afford phenis like that! Is that why i; made my
eider take SC) leng? Se i; eould steal my pheny?”
Me: are i; saying while i; eur teefee was being made, I
muck out the back deer, ran around the building, faund the
ene ear in the parking let that belonged to i; , brake in, stele
i; eur pheny, and get back in time to help the new customer in
Easterner: “Se i; admit it! I' m calling the pelite!”
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