A True Horror Story. OC, and yeah, this really did happen to me.. A True Horror Story I Imus: It' t MIL humans: it happaned to an I was out with my grandparents horror story keys ghost
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A True Horror Story

OC, and yeah, this really did happen to me.

A True Horror Story
I Imus: It' t MIL humans: it happaned to an
I was out with my grandparents, parents, and my younger brother.
His name is Corey. I was about seven at the time, and he was about four.
We were on our way home from the State Fair (go, Wisconsin! J, but my dad
and grandpa were in one car, the rest of us in another. They said they' d
meet us back at my grandparent' s house
When we get back, the truck they took isn' t in the driveway. Yet, we can
distinctly see the outline of the armchair in the living room window flashing,
as though the television is on.
Was it on all night?" My grandma sighs as we go inside.
When we enter the house however, all is silent. We check the living room,
and the TV is off. As a kid, laas freaked the hell out. My mom and grandma,
however, didn' t think much of it, and went to the kitchen, I watched
Corey wander away into the back hallway.
The TV thing still creeping me out, I grab my mom' s hand and pointed
after Corey. When we found him, he was in the far back room,‘ my
grandparents' bedroom.
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Submitted: 09/17/2010
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User avatar #3 - OptimusRhyme (09/17/2010) [-]
all i have to say is GO WISCONSIN XD
User avatar #6 - dambusta (02/20/2011) [-]
**** man
User avatar #5 - rapebaby (09/17/2010) [-]
Parents like to tell stories, it's healthy for ones imagination.
#2 - NoTwentySevens (09/17/2010) [-]
OR this **** isn't funny, unless you add at the very end, "and we all got naked and showered in tomato sauce together." then we could thumb up.
User avatar #1 - rapebaby (09/17/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Well as you were only 7 and your brother 4 it's very likely that you don't remember the incident accurately.
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