Funny Headlines 3. Original: /funny_pictures/960243/Funny+Headlines/<br /> Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/961339/Funny+Headlines+2/<br /> EDIT: Funny Headlines 3 Original: /funny_pictures/960243/Funny+Headlines/<br /> Part 2:<br /funny_pictures/961339/Funny+Headlines+2/<br EDIT:
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Funny Headlines 3

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Funny Headlines 3. Original: /funny_pictures/960243/Funny+Headlines/<br /> Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/961339/Funny+Headlines+2/<br /> EDIT:

Original: /funny_pictures/960243/Funny+Headlines/<br />
Part 2:<br />
/funny_pictures/961339/Funny+Headlines+2/<br />
EDIT: Part 4! /funny_pictures/977336/Funny+Headlines+4/<br />
I'm running a little low on these, but if this gets a good response I'll prolly make 1 more. *Please* thumb one way or another, it's kinda annoying when you get 1000 views and 5 thumbs lol

Headlines wll
Bowie County Citizens Tritone
Dekalb News
Ta-'"''' Hooker ' iry Person
5 of the Year
goes deep, Wang hurt
Meming some in
9 Look At Hell"
accidentally _
sues himself
chosen Title-
company mm Wysi owned-
f hon attorney
5!‘ Stew Kerri!"
aim my
C mm pacify
Scrum budet.
City unsure why
V _ mane an _ memnoq
Iai: orelse_ -
MA‘: bani artest' .
min; inno we PM
muhan saw: alum: I
yams -
Mining baby found in
in! my mm ado: rawr‘ vua 'WITAM'
A headline on an item in me
Feb. 5 Milieu of the Enquirer-
incorrectly stated
Stolen groceries." It should have
read "Homicide."
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#2 - Grrfunguschops **User deleted account**
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(09/15/2010) [-]
That one about Diana is an article by private eye. It's not serious!
User avatar #3 to #2 - phillyfan [OP]
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(09/15/2010) [-]
i know, still funny tho
User avatar #4 - HunterAlpha
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(09/16/2010) [-]
5th from the bottom: so long as the bank didn't have a sign on the door saying no guns they had no business calling the police on him. i do business at my local bank with a big .45 strapped to my hip, and i've never gotten in trouble.