Yahoo answer fails 1.0. . Answers at we Skate Open Question Show me another I Pissed all my girlfriend and don' t know what to do? Abouta hours ago, my and t we Yahoo answer fails 1 0 Answers at we Skate Open Question Show me another I Pissed all my girlfriend and don' t know what to do? Abouta hours ago
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Yahoo answer fails 1.0

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we Skate
Open Question Show me another I
Pissed all my girlfriend and don' t know what to do?
Abouta hours ago, my and t were She was otter here at my
apartment and we started messing atom, men tee to my heetler, Well, we sate
she wanted to get freakish so t took grabbed net and we went to the shower As we
were tn the shower messing around t tote herto hang on, stepped out, and shat tn my
hand When t got back In, t smeared l tn retrace She started and tan out,
put on bedclothes, then broke my stereo on the way butthe door rm possee because
she let me pee on net before Now ten with a smashed 51, 200 stereo She' s not
answering my calls ether Should t pop up at her apartment and talk to her? What
should t rim
2 we ' MUD answer
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That ts really awn: You ate a bohrok You have to leave messages on
her phone say/ mg new sorry you ate Forget about the stem man, you dd this and n ts
rude and rot t ts not We the peeing because she Wayne do
ts not sews ts Good Luck, but rm foryou t
would have broken up wytn yoe on spot
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Anton eat
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Resolved Question Show me another a
Do they make dogs like they make tomatoes‘!
2 Troths we
P when Amuse
t em understand the queston?
2 Troths we
67% 2 Votes
we y es
meme: ' comment an o Save v
Show: All Answers
No, tomato plants em make dogs
2 T. itns up
Lillie % voles
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My pee came out as the color blue! What does that
stack Bathe mean??
t went to the you and strange when t pee it was not it was we cater
blue's What dues that mean?
Does t mean tin got" to nave a hairy
P mun new
Best Answer 7 omen by voters
Yes, you' re pregnant, and me tapwater is we t means we a boy
2 were we
33% 2 Votes
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Are dolphins realty gay sharks?
2 yum we
BAH Angler - chosen by Asker
b View : -ML: " hotmal are
2 we we
F Roommate“
AIKEN Rating: I Kilt
we arraying ante:
Minn an
Answers (I!)
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ta we use
A ‘not: ta a were - er wmm we can only be we e line we
when we met luau Mills warn teakettle t Indie meme Inn lube: we
we tpr was worn Y: 7: Iv we mean It (hurt snatches we
Duel and macho: e me. we re SHAWN! to many we - we e we
esports? The we then mun. e.. n.., snse was the Vaginal pew we
Dunn "ii Fortun Answers Trail ii Full Inn mutant, culls up -nu Mrs asleep tn my
lube, We mehmet realls Tthis type st. a We
ate: -tern menus: meta and more people in HMS yahoo unaware we was mam
met. access In land. and a means a we Tha bust my In
are was was rte mat use and ]rarr: rnet_ ism}! is
that make Aouse an senate; This makes ii hard re. we
dent! In walk ma Ute: -We makes tr 'acunt tantra net: re rand
tee. elete
we no ‘Peg
we atleest Sm: no Mann .
u What happens when you new the max (spun)
Menu: on
Answers at
mete tn: no new - we djyedi
see... Minna;
tmro -
wk... we mike I e. mun tr...“ an hand we an rule: you uudy hunt no m
that in!
we mu new nee. at _ m an In an we try to so we
not amour] we cant - an "Wose' Mil Astrophe - M tn
D I R E s we (nuns, lse we mt he duck vi a met: when you mun net... e may
Mention um: ms - , Gert»: Gm Von or we the Mk
one ml in
wane mete rot -
Hump at » cats» _ MIT
were we
tor 'footegg O new
Throwing A Buttered at out or The Window?
we " a we cl entree tom tr tenet en t side dawn , we I cat am e: a
week t we an " he s, we strip a plan cf meme (nail to a can back
are thar It an at we meet we names»
att; Me mower I
unmet by Vela:
you pta tat
t yin: In
35% 2 was
ANSWERS usearch
Search rot queen
Homer Famaly&
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When a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH, what' s
a good comeback?
He' s sextet. and rm to be may
Any good comebacks?
2 T. raths no
P when Abuse
Best Answer - Chosen try mete
Well, yoe better comeback wytn a godamn
2 Tooths we
TOM, 1 99 Votes
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User avatar #2 - lolsaucewin
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(09/12/2010) [-]
I lol'd so hard at the last one.
#3 - MissJuicy
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(09/18/2010) [-]
the tomatoes one she meant, do they create dogs the same way as tomatoes
#1 - Letitfly **User deleted account**
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(09/12/2010) [-]
Dogs are just like tomatoes duh.