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User avatar #407 - jewboccka (09/12/2010) [-]
you could give it to someone less fortunate but no lets burn it and snap it in half just for the acceptance and thumbs from some **** up faggits on funnyjunk.
User avatar #437 to #407 - AngelPwnz (09/12/2010) [-]
You sir...
Are a good guy
I dont thumb things up often
But when I do
Its amazing nice comments like yours...
Jewbocka xD
User avatar #415 to #407 - slainbybullet (09/12/2010) [-]
why would someone who cant afford the $60 disc have an xbox 360 in the first place
User avatar #421 to #415 - jewboccka (09/12/2010) [-]
no im saying either sell the game or give it away to some foundation that gives children toys for Christmas.
User avatar #417 to #415 - Itsmygrain (09/12/2010) [-]
so true!
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