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#10 - iloveyoualot (09/10/2010) [-]
The 9-11 one took it too far...
User avatar #28 to #10 - AnalExplosion (09/11/2010) [-]
listen bud, my name is analexplosion... i take everything too far... and yes i do admit i took it a bit far with that one and i am leaving for basic training in feburary for the army so i apologize for it.. just dont get el butthurt /b/ro
User avatar #11 to #10 - Rooland (09/10/2010) [-]
were you there? did any of your family members die? theres a 99.99% chance that neither are true, and maybe a 50% chance youll say yes, and be full of **** , either way, it almost definitely didn't affect you, i agree that it is insensitive, but you have no right to bitch
#25 to #11 - Captain FJ **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #23 to #11 - jojoba (09/11/2010) [-]
Well I think you may need to consider the people that did have family die. I had an aunt and an uncle that were in the first building.
User avatar #14 to #11 - RdRunner (09/10/2010) [-]
EVERYONE was affected by 9-11, maybe not by people they know dying, but just the fact that it happend and that so many people died from it is enough to effect people, especially if you really think about the enormity of what actually happend. And if someone thinks it went too far, they have the right to bitch about it all they want, just like you have the right to bitch about them bitching about it.
#13 to #11 - twordisbeast (09/10/2010) [-]
his family might not have been there, but that was a tragic event for all of america. not only did we lose so many people, but our entire nation's security was at stake due to these events. **** you for saying that's bitching, the picture is not funny.
#12 to #11 - iloveyoualot (09/10/2010) [-]
none of my family members were there, but so many people died.
User avatar #16 to #12 - Rooland (09/10/2010) [-]
i'm only sick of you all pretending to understand what it feels like to be a victim of the 9/11 attacks, you weren't there, most of you were probably children, the best thing we can do is forgive and forget and let the families affected mourn over their losses, YES i disagree with the picture, and YES i also disagree with your comment
#17 to #16 - iloveyoualot (09/10/2010) [-]
I see where you are coming from... so lets both drop it, you get over my comment i get over the picture
User avatar #19 to #17 - Rooland (09/10/2010) [-]
agreement reached
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