Lolwut?. Saw this on my facebook... Laughed my ass off... Decided to share it with you all :p. Rick - Okay, so apparently, "Although the world is Full suffering
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Saw this on my facebook... Laughed my ass off... Decided to share it with you all :p

Rick - Okay, so apparently, "Although the world is Full
suffering, it is Full also ofthe overcoming ' r is a quote by Helen Keller. How
the hell did Helen Keller say that, f she can' t see or hear, which makes her
unable to speak English?
about an hour ago Comment Like
William - She learned to speak dip ****
about an hour ago . Like
trick‘ She an' t learn to speak, ******* . All she an learn is
braille at the most, and that an' t teach you meanings of words. She has
no idea how to control her own yoke f she' s never heard it before.
about an hour ago . Like
Kelley 2 nick your a dumbass. put your fingers to the teachers
throught Feel the vibrations? thats a way to lern. and you ant lern bail
wit: hout hearing ******* . hellen Keller did lern to speak quite well in Fact.
about an hour ago . Like
Hick - v, > You an' t understand it though. Vibrations don' t
teach you the definitions of words, like that quote says. She learns at
about the same pace as a dog, All she an do is go do something, and
mow that she' s gonna be rewarded For it, And if what you say is right,
then put in ear plugs, and start having a with your friends
by feeling each others throats.
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Pa we ‘h Kaley,, IF you' re going to talk to him about
learning PLEASE spell learn right,, -.-'
54 minutes ago . Like . nib 1 person
Aaron - Nick, These are all wrong theories. You see, Hellen Keller
was a spy From Candyland. And she pretended not to Hear or see so
people wouldn' t hear her speak in her Candyland accent. when she said
Although the world is full of , it is full also of the overturning of
it' she was giving America a due that Candyland is gonna attack us, So
what do they do? They kidnap all the unicorns and hippo fishes to get
back at us, Like she said in her quote, we oregame it, So you see, Hellen
Keller was not the ‘poor deaf and blind chick' she was a damn Candyland
53 minutes ago . Like . nib I person
Paige -llin Aaron. Pure win.
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Submitted: 09/09/2010
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User avatar #3 - Saidan (09/10/2010) [-]
Or maybe she learned sign language. A nd the actual words came from and interpreter.
#2 - Charden (09/09/2010) [-]
Nick's a ******* idiot. Just like a baby learns to associate meaning with random noises (i.e., words), Hellen Keller learned to associate meaning with hand spasms.
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