slightly creepy tale. a tale i found on /x/ uploading it due to the fact that i liek it . x/ - Paranormal C) ... E Funnyjonk - Funny lil Facebook Welcome,,, C)
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slightly creepy tale

a tale i found on /x/ uploading it due to the fact that i liek it

x/ - Paranormal
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Habit that really happened Anonymous (/ 07' (l( Tue) 22: 06 No. 5585543
Tr: Post all that creepy **** that' s happened to you or someone you know. And not stuff like ''I saw a shadow in the corner[", but that creepy **** that' s so
creepy because there' s no denying what happened.
So I' ll start. Something happened to my mother' s friend that really freaked me out- A lot of it had to do with the simplicity of the whole event, and the fact that it
could happen to ******* anyone.
She' s single and lives in an apartment in Gothenburg. Acouple of months back, while home alone, she had this feeling that there was food missing from the
refrigerator. She couldn' t quite remember eating that much herself. But of course she wrote it off as forgetfulness-
I Anonymous Rhue) 22:
So she goes for bed. Gets up the next day. When she' s about to prepare breakfast she notices that even more food is missing. She feels really
nervous, but writes it off again. She goes through the day.
The next day she leaving for work, and in the meming, again, she feels like food is missing. It' s not large amounts offodd, but enough to be
noticeable- Anyway, she leaves for work, nothing peculiar happens there.
But when she gets home again, and opens the door, the We on.
She freaks out and calls the cops. The dialogue goes something like.
Hi, my name' s xxx andl live in XXX. The last few days my food has been disappearing and today when l got home the TV was om"
The cop (or whoever answers when you call 911) answered:
Don' t make a sound. Put the phone down now. Leave the apartment and lock the door immediately. We' re on our war"
This does not calm her down, she immediately leaves the apartment. After a while the cops show up on the scene and search through her place-
They a mentally ill guy beneath her bed. He had literally been living there the last couple of days, sneaking out when she slept to eat, watching
TV while she went to work.
FEE k.
The worst part is imagining sticking your head under that ******* bed to be met by some creepy face peering out of the darkness.
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Submitted: 09/08/2010
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User avatar #5 - BlondeKisses (09/11/2010) [-]
:O now im scared....thanks....
#3 - Happybean (09/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
It's not normal?
User avatar #1 - Doktrpeppr (09/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
:O **** !
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