Fight for your right!. help fight acta<br /> this is bull<br /> <br /> bump this up to the top so everyone can see!. ACTA has several features BS
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Fight for your right!

help fight acta<br />
this **** is bull<br />
<br />
bump this up to the top so everyone can see!

Tags: BS
ACTA has several features that raise significant potential concerns for consumers privacy and civil liberties, for in-
novation and the free flow of information on the Internet, legitimate commerce, and for developing countries abel-
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ity to choose policy options that best suit their domestic priorities and level of economic development,
Internet Service providers are forced to monitor everything you do online and to report to the government with
anything that seen as suspicious. How are they going to pay for this? We will be forced to pay with much higher In-
ternet bills, in order to allow this Invasion of Privacy.
It makes it more difficult to distribute free software: Without file sharing and PIP technologies like
Bittorrent, distributing large amounts of free software becomes much harder, and more expensive.
Bittorrent is a grassroots protocol that allows everyone to contribute to legally distributing free
It allows your devices to be taken away without any explanation whatsoever as part of random -
curity checks. Devices suspected of including Pirated Material and/ or Copyright Infringements will
also be confiscated and searched. Not only is this an invasion of Privacy, this could mean restricted
to people carrying Digital equipment.
Part of the ACTA treaty states that import generic medicine are to be restricted and controlled. This could have
disastrous effects that cost lives, especially in developing countries. The majority of Medicinal Companies do not
supply medicine to rrd world countries. This is because more profit can be made by selling it to the richer coun-
tries where WE live. If ACTA is to be approved, these medicine would be confiscated for "security" reasons
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If ACTA is implemented, privacy on the internet is no longer a given. Internet Service Providers
will be forced to monitor what websites you visit and what you type, search and do People have a
basic right to privacy that this treaty clearly ignores. Are you willing to pay this price?
Has The Internet Helped You Today? - Learn More - Join The Fight - http:// wwy. . com
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Submitted: 09/08/2010
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