Omegle little girl part 2. once again 5+ thumbs up for new one (might not be little girl). Ytou' rtg new chatting with a rattler stranger. Say hi! messages trem omegle trolling little Girl

Omegle little girl part 2

once again 5+ thumbs up for new one (might not be little girl)

Ytou' rtg new chatting with a rattler stranger. Say hi!
messages trem Omegle will net he sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming represent
Omega are lying.
Stranger: hi
Yau: Hey injustica
Stranger: imfunny
Yau: What are you doing?
Stranger: talkin to my bf and other friends
Stranger: u
Yen: whats a bf?
Yau: oh
Yau: is it nice to have a '?
Stranger: it is
Yau: do you have the new My Little Pony collection?
Stranger: ___ hew old r u?
Yen: it' s my favourite thing in the whole wide world!
Yau: how about you'?
Stranger: Mil, wt r u doing en here‘???
You: my sister told me about here
You: but wow
Yau: 18 is a big number
You: you must he like old and wrinkly
Stranger: no
Stranger: how old is m sister?
fen: maybe like my granny'?
Yau: my sister is 15
Stranger: welt m sister shudnt hay told u to come on here, there are alot of nasty people who use bad language
You: whats bad language?
Stranger: naughty words
You: like **** and **** and stuff?
Stranger: yes
You: my sister also told mete call you a pooface
Stranger: its net right for a little girl of m age to he en here
Yen: isthat mean?
Yau: oh isnt it?
Stranger: not hem mean, but there are people whe are very naughty and m the young fer a place like this
Yau: my sister wants mete call you meanie words
Yau: but i wont
Yau: cause your my friend
Stranger: " and as m friend, will u do summing for me'?'?
Yen: whats is it?
Stranger: will u get off this website, it really isnt the place for u
Yau: i dent know hew
Stranger: allu hay to do is close the weh page u r on
Yau: my sister is telling mete go to a site called chatroulette
Yen: bye newt
Stranger: no, tint go any chatrooms
Stranger: m sister is naughty for bettin u go on those types of sites
Yen: l dent ******* give a ****
Ytou have
tar statred us
Was this great? the leg!
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yea its not but its still funny
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