poop story part 1 worth the read. u know it was<br /> the second part it here<br /> /funny_pictures/937412/poop+story+part+2+worth+the+read/. You gu You know loled poop
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poop story part 1 worth the read

You guys will never believe but this ene time during Christmas.. when Iwas in the bathromm as
t usual and I guess my diet was high in fiber er something that day SC) came out faster
Ir I than usual. Iwantto go flush the toilet since it was ver/ stinky and heard it say something.
w It was hard to tell because ifall the swishing and the water spiraling down. I dent remeber it
hurting very much en the toilet SC) I couldnt really explain why there was red en my peppy. It was
hard to make out what the peppy said but I think it was "Hidey He!"...
3 -laspussy
No actuallyy started to feel regret. Ithought about what ifthat peppy was really alive ernerwher
purpose did it Begin to talk. Who was the peppy and why was it hear. These thoughts kept
I I tormenting me each night. Itried to tell my friends but laughed at me and just went en
with their lives. But I was determined to figure out the mystery behind the peepy. I guess I
weild have to wait until next Christmas forthat might" ye been my best chances of
encountering Mr. Poopy again...
tra -laspussy
Days went en. days became weeks, weeks became months. each daal had kept my goal in
E. 'a, mind . figure out Mr. Poopy. Serveral months had passed by and it had become December.
K 'i' And in just a few days it weild be the aniversary of the talking turd. Funny hew in just a few
moments ertime months can go by fast like that. It was finally effie face my fears of going to
5. the bathromm and resting my cheecks to the throne of where it all happened. Iwas all alene
if ' 9% in my battlefield. No one weild be there to help me in my time endeed anymore
alii" sh" i:?, ' help contribute to sews the mystery behind Mr. Poopy. In a few minutes time weild have to
face Mr. Poople. 'Plop' the sound that started it all and all Hell weild break Leese fer me here!
Plop' anither
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#1 - JoeTheNinja
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(09/07/2010) [-]
I'M IN THIS!!!!!
User avatar #2 to #1 - therealdevilboy [OP]
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(09/07/2010) [-]
holy shat u r is it cool that i screen caped it
#3 to #2 - JoeTheNinja
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(09/07/2010) [-]
ya, for some reason i can't screen cap
User avatar #4 to #3 - therealdevilboy [OP]
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(09/07/2010) [-]
aww that hella sux
User avatar #5 to #4 - JoeTheNinja
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(09/07/2010) [-]
ya especially cuz it would be a substitute for comment favoring for now
User avatar #6 to #5 - therealdevilboy [OP]
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(09/07/2010) [-]
#7 - anon id: 1f17dcb6
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(09/07/2010) [-]
cool story bro