Walmart 2. . July 19th, 2010 DELICIOUS BISCUITS Okay I' m sad to say this but I work at a Walmart and I heard this story when I was at lunch. This woman got don Walmart stories People of flying slippers
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Walmart 2

July 19th, 2010
Okay I' m sad to say this but I work at a Walmart and I heard this story when I was at lunch. This woman got done
with her shopping and went out to her car. Another woman was walking towards her car when she saw that the
Flest woman was sitting there. She asked if she was okay. The Flest woman said that she thought that she had
been shot in the head. The second woman called 911 and got paramedics there. When they arrived, they asked
what was wrong and the woman in the car said that she had been shot. When they looked they saw that a can of
biscuits had exploded and hit her in the back of the head. She was holding one to her head and thought that it
was her brain.
June 14th, 2010
I was at my local Walmart shopping for fertilizer and other garden tools when I heard some strange noises.
I looked over my shoulder and there was an extremely intoxicated couple having sex on the Maar next to
the flower pots. In disgust, I walked away and the noises got louder and then got fainter. I came back after
a while and they were passed out on the floor nude. I went to a cashier and informed her what happened
and she proceeded to tell me that it was a weekly occurrence. I will never come back to that Walmart.
June 14th, 2010
Last night I went into the restroom at Walmart. All of the stalls were taken but there were a few ladies who
were outside of one waiting on a friend. They stated that their friend would be a while. They all looked like
they had been at some sort of bar so I just assumed she was drunk and was probably throwing up. It
happens, no big deal. Well, after I use the restroom I hear, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh-." To
which her friends respond, "Let us in!!" I slowly started to realize that this girl was not throwing up or having
stomach issues, because of the repeated phrases "Did you read it right?", “Am I reading it right?" and "Did
you wait 5 minutes?" This girl found out news that drastically changes ones life in the WALMART
BATHROOM! Apparently she really couldn' t wait to get home, or at least somewhere more private. Glad I
could share this special moment with them.
July 15th, 2010
I walked into a Walmart at around 11 PM, as work doesn’ t allow me to get to "superstores" earlier... and in
perfect Walmart fashion I arrived to purchase ammunition that I heard Walmart carried. Well, before
heading to the ammo section, I decided to hit he bathroom up before heading back to the Sporting Section
of the store. When I entered the bathroom, there was a terrible smell that I just couldn’ t justify staying in the
room with while I relieved myself. so I decided to make my purchase with a full bladder. So, I bought my
ammo quickly, proceeded to pay and enter the bathroom again after paying. Well, the smell wasn' t as bad,
but I was upset to see a middle aged man missing many of his teeth washing his underpants in the sink
there. Upon entering the first stall (since I didn' t want to use a urinal while watching a man cleaning his
underwear) I found a mess that I could barely stomach. I moved to a stall two over and proceeded to pee.
When I came out he was still washing his underpants, looked at me and told me "Damn 'spics' poisoned my
food to make me shit myself." I merely looked at him (ammo in bag) and walked out without even
approaching the sink while trying to keep myself from wretching. I debated on telling the people there, but
just wanted to distance myself from the situation.
July 28th 2010
My works in the Garden Center at our local Supercenter, He told me that for the third time in as
many months, a female customer pooped in one ofthe aisles. He said other customers have seen her do it, She
doesn' t squat, she just lifts her skirt and keeps on walking, Obviously there' s a mental disorder here, but I' m not
sure which one I hope I never see her or any of her 'gits'
July tth, 2010
I have seen some pretty sick stuff since I started working for Walmart, but last night took the cake. I work
at a Walmart in a college town and during the summer months we always have girls coming in to do late
night shopping in their bikinis. Last night an older gentleman came into the story and was wandering around
the men' s clothing. This guy was watching everyone in the area pretty closely, and when the coast was
clear, he moved into the middle of one of the shirt racks. This guy wasnt very tall and was able to easily
squat down under the rack. One of the ladies in the area called me over the walkie and asked that I come
over to the area to see what was going on As I walked over to the shirt rack I noticed 3 very cute girls in
bikinis in the womens area looking at underwear, and I heard a moaning sound coming from the rack. I ran
away from the shirt rack and had one of the associates call the police. The police arrived at the store
pretty quickly and apprehended the guy as he was finishing his business.
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