What I learned from Disney World. . WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY RECENT TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD What I learned from Disney World is... 1. I dont like dinosaurs 2. Moms o
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What I learned from Disney World

What I learned from Disney World is...
1. I dont like dinosaurs
2. Moms of little kids are some of the hardest
working people on the planet
3. I dont feel shame when stealing kiddie from the
kids buffet
4. Mickey Mouse hides his meth in said tater tots
5. A jew at the Disney animation department is as
hard to find as the holy grail
6. Canadians like Disney World
7. The British like Disney World
8. The Portugese like Disney World
9. The French had a hissy fit over a Disney park
being built in Paris
10. See number 1
11. A yhour loop of old Disney cartoon can hold
your attention for a week
12. Take your kid to a pool and give them a
Mickey Mouse doll and you have the
same effect on them as if you actually went to
Disney World
13. It is infact possible to grow tired of eating
bacon every day
14. Pizzas without actual Italians is madness
15. The inside of Space Mountain is like a montage
of Star Wars clips
16. Having a Beatle' s song play on an arcade
machine is possibly the best
advertising possible
17. Its to dress your 3 year old girl like a french
whore so long as she is in
the dark basement of a castle built by an old man
with a peterpan complex
refering to the Princess restauraunt in the
Castle in Magic Kingdom)
18. The Japanese like Disney World
19. See number 10
20. Norwegians made a damn good roller coaster
21. All Germans eat are pretzels and beer
22. Morocco is an importaint enough nation to
have a part of Epcot dedicated to it
23. William Shatner is Canadian
24. Is part corrosive acid, dont get it in yer eyes
25. Screaming like a baby on a ride while your 3
year old brother remains calm is
the most thing ever
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Submitted: 09/05/2010
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william shatner is canadian?
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You can't walk in a straight line without walking in to many people. You have to dodge someone every 5 seconds!
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