The Wisdom Of 50 Cent. clearly an unfiltered source of practical wisdom and helpful life tips. ascent On Genetics: Man I just saw a tall super model giraffe loo fifty cent twitter wisdom
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The Wisdom Of 50 Cent

clearly an unfiltered source of practical wisdom and helpful life tips

On Genetics:
Man I just saw a tall super model giraffe
lookin ass bitch and I thought I could
**** her an make 1 of them super ball
dunkin ass ****** lol
ab Reply Retweet
On Homosexuality:
Cheek out my new background. This is
for ladies only I don' t want you cock
sucking ****** looking at this lol
About JO new we we .
by ion. maul: may
On Menstruation:
If your a girl that would ask your man to
wait with u till your period go' s away.
Your going to lose that man. My advice
suck a dick. In
How AA may x/ my
by um. oval! C
On Driving Etiquette:
Man old people shouldn' t be able to
drive man. This old man cut me off and
**** I know he didn' t mean it but damn
9 PM he an I VIA \ anu'
Retweeted by may Derple Reply lawn!
On Social Networking:
A fact ladies and gentlemen . 66% of
today tweets over have my name in
it. I think its cause I' m the **** ! you be
the judge
n cteeu Tedda/ may newer
On Multitasking:
I can multitask man. I **** a bitch, type
on twitter and write a song at the same
time. And all of them be a hit! I' m a cold
On Thermal Dynamics:
Yo todays been a good day so far but the
roof of my mouth is sore cause I eat
something that was too hot
A /Staw
R/ receed by may
may newer
On Politics:
**** I should run america. first thing I' d
do is cut my taxes then tell yd chill the
**** out ima get to the rest of the
in M Aug mm by us;
by [Cio. preople may Relabel
Obamas ratings are down cause he
didn' t include pimpin and hoenn in
stimulus package. Good hoes would
boost male moral and fix the recession
in my Aug mm Va.) us)
Retweeted by me. bum
Remy Retweet
On Family Planning:
My grandma pregnant again trying to
talk her out of keeping it
by me. people Reply Retweet
On Language:
look man I' m Sony I' been cursing.
But **** that **** I gotta express myself
Retweeted by loo. people Reply Flawed
On His Colleagues:
I just looked at kanye page what the ****
kind a spaced out tweets are those. ****
that I aint never looking at that ****
by may Diwali may Retweet
On Computers:
Man when I figure out how to use the
spell Check on this ************ you
****** in trouble
Reply many
On Running For Office:
You know one day I might wanna run for
president like wyclef I must stop using
such profanity. Then again **** that
On Race Relations:
Kobe bryant got a white bitch. lamar got
a whorebitch. Tigger had like 50 white
bitches What the **** are they mad at
me for
n.» . eema by [Uae people new neme-
On Apologies:
What' s taking you so long say sorry bitch
5 s? PM Aug ubcq' waler
by me. mm Reply Retweet
On Chivalry:
I can' t belive my grand mothers making
me take Out the garbage I' m rich ****
this I' m going home I don' t need this
2 saw Aus mm
by and people may neme-
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#1 - gracenpeace (09/04/2010) [-]
i lol'd
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