STFU. Seriously, if I hear one person trying to take advantage of this situation, consequences will NEVER be the same.. Clay, let' s address the newest "time wa
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Seriously, if I hear one person trying to take advantage of this situation, consequences will NEVER be the same.

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Clay, let' s address the newest "time warp" issue
here. A let of people are complaining that, "We
lost EVERYTHING! " It was only a couple
of days, not a year. STFU. I don' t want to see
100 thumb parties popping up, becuase that
mouldiest be stupid. You made an account 2
days ago? So what, you didn' t get to level 28 in
2 days. Shut. Up, Make it again. I will flag any
Thumb Parties" I see as illegal, I den' t care
what you say. just get on with your lives. Nut
up or shut up. Seriously, if thumbs are so
important to you, get off of T]. This isn' t a place
for "leveling" or "Ranking up", This is a place
for others to enjoy your posts, not bitch about
every little error. World' s not perfect.
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Submitted: 09/04/2010
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User avatar #8 - Motsie (09/04/2010) [-]
u madddd
#7 - Grrfunguschops **User deleted account** Comment deleted by Data [-]
User avatar #1 - SteveHomoki (09/04/2010) [-]
Ironic, you seem the most angry out of anyone else.
User avatar #5 - stikperson (09/04/2010) [-]
hm. im not any of those people but, if you dont like those kinds of people. you leave.

this is a place for others to enjoy posts. not bitch about every single person who does not act the way they want them.
User avatar #4 - SoulStealer (09/04/2010) [-]
So THIS is your angry side...Never seen you like this O_o
User avatar #3 - bitchingcharizard (09/04/2010) [-]
You're angry...i'm not going to **** with you...i will click this here next button
#18 - Absolut (09/04/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Oh look, it's THIS post again.
#12 - TheSmallestTaco (09/04/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Data you don't use contractions. IMPOSTOR!
User avatar #22 - Parasitist (09/05/2010) [-]
wats ******* awesome is that like two days ago my account got hacked and deleted, and then yesterday I made a now account with the same name, and all my posts and comments from the other account were there, so I just got my account back :)
User avatar #14 - ANONymousMEM (09/04/2010) [-]
I lost 13 thumbs... I feel so unlucky :'(
User avatar #11 - seiizures (09/04/2010) [-]
lol i got half way to 28 in a day if that counts for anything.
back to level 1 for meee wooooo =.=
#10 - OOOOOOOOOO Comment deleted by Data [-]
#9 - anonymous (09/04/2010) [+] (1 reply)
who's up for a thumb party
User avatar #21 - Data (09/05/2010) [-]
Reply to this comment saying that you want this post deleted and I will remove it. (Requires 3 people who want it removed.)
#20 - Thrasher (09/04/2010) [-]
shut up.
#17 - anonymous Comment deleted by Data [-]
User avatar #15 - PrinceZukosLover (09/04/2010) [-]
ok, thats a little extreme. Yeah some people are annoyed, i personally am aswell because it just meant that I had to make a new account. (my third as i forgot my password and my email didnt work) but people have stopped ranting now. but still SHUT UP ABOUT THE STUPID SITE DOWN FOR A DAY OK????
User avatar #2 - Animefreake (09/04/2010) [-]
give this guy a medal
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