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#21 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
This is a 4D object, rotating on a single axis
#26 to #21 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
You sir... Are retarded. The fourth dimesnion is time.
#28 to #26 - sossixsixsix (11/21/2009) [-]
Actually, the informal definition of a dimension is the minimum number of coordinates required to specify each point within an object or space. That's why a line has one dimension, the surface a spherical or cylindrical object has two, a cube or the inside of a spherical or cylindrical object would have three, and this design has four. Dumbasses.
#38 to #28 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
******* annoying amount of smart people arguing a single pint right here
#40 to #38 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
Funny junk has no room for science.


Science=Not Funny.
#46 to #40 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
this blows what happened to ******** and photobombers... not to mention stupid people leaving funnier comments than the freakin picture... **** YOU SMART PEOPLE YOU RUIN THE FUN FOR THE REST OF US, you wanna discuss technical meanings go to the ****** geographical.. philisophical.. ****** discovery channel website where lifeless nerd ***** like you can roam free without getting beat up in the streets for pissing off everyone around you that doesnt wanna hear yur ****
#146 to #46 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
#46, your mother is a cankerous whore.
User avatar #84 to #46 - JoeTheRooster (11/21/2009) [-]
this purple line in in 2-d
lol captcha hobbs
#24 to #21 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
you just made me rofl, the 4th dimension is time.. dont know how that could be 4d? 3d? yes 4d? no
#27 to #24 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
Actually, since there are 10 physical dimensions, the 4th dimension he is referring to does not need to be space time. However, there is no way for this to be a 4 dimensional object because we do not have the capabilities to see depth. We can only perceive depth hence the term depth perception. In actuality, humans can only see in 2 dimensions. Seeing in three dimensions would require at least 3 eyes.

Cool object though. I might make one.
#36 to #27 - anonymous (11/21/2009) [-]
so spiders can see 8 dimensions, and when i close one eye i only see 1 dimension right (i think your logic is flawed). and yes the 4th dimension does need to be space time because the 4th dimension is always regarded as time.
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