FBI Trap. its a trap!. Profile for hi 22 m ohio coincidence! where at Toledo columbus thats not that far Not at all so what do you look like 5 H, longe blonde h FBI Trap funny
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FBI Trap

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Profile for
hi 22 m ohio
where at
thats not that far
Not at all
so what do you look like
5 H, longe blonde hair, blue eyes
sounds good
5" 11 dark blonde blue eyes
so do you have a bf
never had one
want one tho
really never had a bf
so what do you wanna talk about
anything I guess
you choose you can ask me some ?s ifyou want
I' m shy
dont be
no, I am
I understand but dont be its not that big of a deal just ask
whatevers on your mind
Profile for
uemm ls
nothing on my mind
you dont have anything you wanna ask
can I ask
should you be in school
I' m skipping, cause I' m in highschool
we done that a few times in my school career
hey you still their
yes babe
your not talkin
would you be interested in talkin on the phone
really interested in getting to know you
You want to talk on teh phone?
yea why not
I' m shy
but am ltot young?
for what
well, your 22 and I' m 15, isn' t that wrong?
depends on what happens and if someone tarids out
Who would tand out?
but we are just talking Is that so wrong nobody would tand out
as long as we didnt tell nobody
that' s true
Are you sure you like me?
Profile for
yea you seem cute and shy thats what I like
but I don' t know ifyou' ll like my body
well, like my butt
it' s small
small so
well, ithought boys like butts for sex and stuff
let me ask have you had sex dont get offended
well, no
that sounds like a pause
slouched a boy once
Yeah, he touch me too
did you just touch or rub
well what
I started to rub his penis
then he started to rub me
I came on his shirt so quick, Ne never had my cock
rubbed by anyone else before
it was epic
wait your a guy
NOTICE TO CHATTER: The Federal Bureau of domestication has logged a
Profile for
record of this chat along with the IF addresses of the participants due to potential
violations of U. S. law. _ Solicitation of a WARNING: ifyou
think this chat session was logged in error, please state your reasons to the . agent
currently monitoring this chat
5. Failure to do so withing the next 2 minutes will result in your IF and
address being entered into our criminal database and legal action
only a kid
This Is Agent Smith with the Elli.
Care to explain your actions?
sorry sir just a kid I didnt mean it
Sir, you are 22 years of age. And after our agent questioned you on the
age of the girl, you said it was as long as no one knew
Care to explain that sir?
serious only 15 ithought girls liked older guys
so sorry
What Is your number son, we are going to tand it one way or another. Make
this easy on yourself
what number
Your telephone number
I' ll have it in 20 minutes, but it' d be easier ifyou cooperate
I dont have a number
r. r. h. ria ? You are lying, we will be tracklist. yuur IF address and sending agents
What Is your name son
along with address
5. Full name son
for what
Elk, I' m done trying to have you cooperate
Profile for
please call me I am willing to cooperate
ifyou are underage, we will be contacting your parents as well
that Is close to Stetson, right?
call me please
just mooed here
What Is your last name son?
Why does your number come up as disconnected????
its a cell phone
Why do you keep changing numbers on me son?
that what I gave you ism it
No, thst it was 680, now 580
We' re done trying to help you son
sorry just paniced
please no thats the number I swear
just call it please
No, we' re through
ill do anything
Do you like mudkips?
mudkips, do you leik him?
what Is that
a meme
I dont know what that Is
We will be raiding your house in the next 30 minutes
who Is this
Agent Smith with the Elli.
Are you familiar with the . son?
who Is thisnigga
Agent Smith son
Now be a good little gaiafag and stop trying to fuck underage girls
we are still going to raid your house
what Is your parents number
I dont know I haunt seen them in years
both of them, we need names, place of business too
Stop lying to the . son
You' re lying
W is no longer on the sewer M
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