Perfect Day. Perfect days for women and for men. THE PERFECT DAT FOR HER... wah. no to Mas and kit: - no leighlin 1 " Breakfast In we ( open -hlun by SILAS . ha men man women wo
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Perfect Day

Perfect days for women and for men

wah. no to Mas and kit: -
no leighlin 1 "
Breakfast In we (
open -hlun by
SILAS . hath ?
ata: lute with sexy. lump personal. Hana
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mum with best ? are
1' 13] : minim Outdid
Jill Hap
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secret admirer
1: 15 from 1: i: roni: but He: he rarely out
to woman men
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from miker airmen: Harmer:
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tails, and cuddliest
11: 15 Fat! tater. -n 1. 11111. rig. mm mm.
we Alarm
tina How job
30 . while subtitling the ' s main
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mm Wench who bends were in wee
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who ? Emu . h Mow no animat
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Lunch --new and lobster. l been and bottle oi team '
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itcher mowing ter griller, o% rally
SNL, and shove
Watch Jackson assasinated
Wm , Dom Attrition 11953].
fillet try em .5 big pair at Lin.
Han-: Cleon Bram are em -mars tn front oi mutant
Football an
See with three '-55111211. all with lesbian Emma
tum pizza much: and a
Nightcap 11: 1:
in bed alone
Eat . 31 changes noted times did Fe
bargh p; um* lo 'lttp
all‘ rd was an
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Submitted: 11/16/2009
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#13 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (11/17/2009) [-]
id rather have a huge fart that i could make into a christmas song.
#10 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [+] (7 replies)
ok im a girl...and i dont agree with not going to bed after a perfect day without sex wtf??????????? NOt cool, other then that, id substitute the whole lunch thing with steak and the whole evening in a romantic dinner, hmm how about a night playing video gams and kick my bfs ass in all games. then maybe a three some in the bahamas.....yea perfect day.
User avatar #12 to #11 - bmxguy (11/17/2009) [-]
haha yeah
User avatar #58 - TapOutFoxxx (11/17/2009) [+] (4 replies)
I'm a woman, but I'd love to have that 22-second fart in my list for the day.
#38 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [+] (2 replies)
IN THE MAN ONE AROUND 7:00 IT SAYS MICHAEL JACKSON ASASONATED!! fags... btw yeah my spelling sucks deal with it bitches.
#42 to #38 - DestinyDestroyer (11/17/2009) [-]
Goddamn, you suck if you can't even spell words that are in front of you. And no, I will not deal with it. As a fellow internet user, I have the right to voice my ******* opinion. That does not however make it mean anything.
#1 - UnderageOverdose **User deleted account** (11/16/2009) [-]
9:27 p.m.- laughed at pic
9:29 p.m.- ribs started hurting from laughter
9:30 p.m.- finally stopped laughing
9:31 p.m.- went to bed
#44 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [+] (3 replies)
i like the guys better just change blow job to being eaten out and all the sexy girl parts in a sexy man part =)
#51 to #47 - bahhhhhhhhhh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #41 - kezdak (11/17/2009) [-]
how many things included in the mans day with his dick again, i lost count
User avatar #23 - futuramafan (11/17/2009) [+] (2 replies)
i could read it, but still kinda small........... MAKE THE FONT SMALLER, MY EYES DIDN'T QUITE ******* BLEED YET. once again, dont take it serioudly
#17 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [+] (3 replies)
hahahah this just makes me realize how much of bitches women are
User avatar #33 to #26 - WtfStrawberries (11/17/2009) [-]
and men arent natural bastards who always want something better than the best? Im not saying women arent natural bitches, they are. just that all humans are naturalbiitches and bastards.
User avatar #62 - tacoluvr (11/17/2009) [-]
11:50 had me dying XD
#30 - sadgirl **User deleted account** (11/17/2009) [+] (10 replies)
yeah... that perfect day for the woman is gaaaaaaaaaaay.

my perfect day:
4:30- 5pm: wake up
530pm-6am: all types of video games

User avatar #64 to #59 - The Unheard (11/17/2009) [-]
you faggots who post this kind of **** about women are such assholes. people like you should be beheaded for still thinking this way. and before you ask yes I'm a straight guy
User avatar #48 - Mikibuu (11/17/2009) [-]
For "The perfect day for her" would absolutely make my day horrible T_T
#56 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
lol'd so bad at "watch news... Michael Jackson assassinated"
andharder at the 22 second fart
#54 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
15 minute blowjob!? tisk-tisk
User avatar #53 - Beyond Birthday L (11/17/2009) [-]
xD 10:50. Omfg.
#52 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
god damnit, this took me a looooong time to read~
#49 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [+] (1 reply)
men's perfect day @ 7:00 p.m. ugh pissed me off. why cant you juss leave him alone
#9 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
lmfao the last one made me lol, im a man i tht is a perfect day for me :D
#8 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
hmm. i would love a 22-second fart that changes note four times and forces the dog out of the room
#7 - anonymous (11/17/2009) [-]
I am am man and I would love that day!
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