pain in the ass mum facebook thread. never let your mum on facebook. ever. Between You and Kathy- att' t' y- September 2 at Dear Gregory, My friend Susan just s facebook thumbs mum thread repost
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pain in the ass mum facebook thread

pain in the ass mum facebook thread. never let your mum on facebook. ever. Between You and Kathy- att' t' y- September 2 at Dear Gregory, My friend Susan just s

never let your mum on facebook. ever

Between You and Kathy-
att' t' y- September 2 at
Dear Gregory,
My friend Susan just started on the facebook and she helped me set
one up too. She' s using it to talk to her son in graduate school and I
thought that since you have trouble returning from your
dear old mother I' d give it any.
Greg - September 2 at Idiom
hey ms I. I think you' got the wrong person, honest mistake
Kathy - September I at 3:
Dear Gregory,
Obviously you' inherited your fame r' s- sense of human This
is a good way far us to keep in touch, but I can' t seem to see the rest
of your page, is something wrong? Okay, well keep in touch and call
Greg - September 5 at
heyy yeah i dont really know whats going on but you' re not my morn.
Kathy Septim her 6 at 5.
Dear Gregory,
Just because your father and I got a divorce doesn' t mean I' m not your
mother anymore. Ytay' re still my baby boy and will always be.
Kathy - September E at Erw' ppr' n
Dear Gregory.
AND on top of it I don' t appreciate how you and your brothers always
choose his side in these matters. He' s the cheated
on me and destroyed this marriage and our faulty. I' ll have you
spent years raising you and your brothers with no help from your
father at all. And Just because he bought you the videos and the
doesn' t make him a better parental figure.
Kathy - September 6 M E:
I hope you take a good look at yourself in the mirror. I mean it take a
really good. strong took at yourself and reflect on the person you are
and the person you' d like to be.
Kathy - September is at 5.
And it would be nice if you called your grandmother once in a while,
You know she' s in the hospital recovering for the next 3 days, and
since you no longer seem to care about maintaining contact with your
grandparents on my side of the family, not partaking in the
summer vacations out there the fact that we' done it every
summer until this past year and you don' t even have a Jab to stop you},
it seems like the very least you could do. Her birthday is the 22nd.
In case you forgot.
Kathy - Severn ber T at 2.
Or you could just tell that slimy- of a stepmother you have that
she could have brought you and your brothers to baseball practice all
those years. he Footing half of this tum on and expect some goddamn
respect. Your brother Mike is giving me enough stress as Is with that
suspension I don' t need this from you. Shape up now or Forget another
semester of being at Penn State.
Greg - September T at 1'
uhh yeah so i we snt joking before, i' m realty not your son. but i
checked out kids with my same name who go to pew state. tthink
this might be him
http: . facebookk. com_
good luck with all that stuff and please don' t write back. i am not your
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#3 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
? what the hell MUM? whats a mum?
#16 to #3 - anon
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(09/08/2010) [-]
It's a body spray, and a parent of the female species.
#4 to #3 - londonhammer [OP]
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(11/11/2009) [-]
The word 'MUM' , sir, is the person who spawned you (obviously not that long ago) It is an english word which over years has been morphed by lazy people to sound like mom, then when americans learned how to write they thought it should be spelt MOM as thats how it sounded in an Irish twinge.
#17 to #4 - anon
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(02/10/2011) [-]
Fag no one cares go to hell
#10 to #4 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/11/2009) [-]
**** the english
captcha- drake
#11 to #10 - londonhammer [OP]
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(11/12/2009) [-]
a very intelligent and well thought out arguement, let us bask in the glory of your insult. If howver your a stunning lady then I fully accept your offer and await your phone number forthwith. a pleasure good lady. ciao
#1 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
yes funny but why the hell did this guy let this random ass lady be his facebook friend???? I say fake and either way it is a repost
#5 to #1 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
ORRRR maybe you can send ppl messages w/o being their friend...
User avatar #9 to #5 - pastrynipples
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(11/11/2009) [-]
now what if that really is her son
#12 to #9 - londonhammer [OP]
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(11/12/2009) [-]
Thumbs up for your name good sir/madame.
#2 to #1 - londonhammer [OP]
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(11/11/2009) [-]
#14 - anon
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(01/20/2010) [-]
#7 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
repost but so funny i thumbed it again
#13 to #7 - anon
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(01/05/2010) [-]
in the anus
#15 to #13 - anon
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(02/19/2010) [-]
**anonymous rolls 25**
#6 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
hi lol u can send people inboxes even if there not your friend :) xx
#8 to #6 - anon
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(11/11/2009) [-]
#18 to #6 - anon
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(10/02/2013) [-]