CAPS-DAY. and everything you read will be heard in Billy Mays's voice<br /> Thumbs up if approved, or thumbs down if you disrespect Billy Mays.<br /&gt billy mays RIP CAPS DAY
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I turned away but she still advanced, i gave her mean looks before and now i was sorry, there was no escaping this. There was an answer in my prayer though i did not like the result. Her body swayed and swayed like an elephant on a teeter totter. I had never felt pain such as this before nor would i ever again. I wasn't lonely now but i felt as if what i thought before was a fate worse then damnation was now a blessing more precious then a joke by George Carlin. Our bodies entwined by her thick legs and my morbid posture, the warts of her inner loins messaging my delicate nether regions, she moaned, i yelped. She left with her money and i was alone again....I cried.

#1 - anon
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(11/09/2009) [-]
THATS SO NICE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!