You Might Be A Redneck Jedi 2. If you enjoyed part 2, please go to part one here:<br /> Y funny star wars Redneck jedi Part two
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You Might Be A Redneck Jedi 2

You Might Be A Redneck Jedi If (2)
Monday' s entry prompted a reader* to send mere....
mu Might Be an Redneck Jedi If...
I Your- landspeeder has a bumper sticker that reads, "‘rcu can ham my lightsaber when yum pry it Hem my celt dead fingers!"
l Your- unit has beer on tap,
l' I( ll, I ‘rcu' re itchin' fer yew nerd hunting trip to the fewest mean cf Ender SC) yum can "bag yew limit" cf Ewoks.
L", I You find out yew girlfriend is yew sister.
A mend yeu' ye still get the hats fer her.
I “And yum tell Han, "Beat it buddy, I saw her first,"
l You think it' s OK to use Federation landing craft to flush game.
I ‘reu' ye aver said, "It' s abaut damn TIME Amidala get married! Hell, she' s nearly fifteen!"
I Your- facorite pod racer' s name is "Dale".
I You think "Demolition Fed Racing" is the nerd big sport,
I ‘reu' ye aver left the bady panels eff yew pretence dread because, "I' d just ham to take 'em eff again to adjust somethin'."
I ‘reu' ye aver used a dc) lightsaber.
I Your- name is "Bubba Fett".
Daae Leigh cf Union, SAL, when wrote cf this batch.)
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