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#33 - anon
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(11/07/2009) [-]
wow all you eurapeans are ******* lucky we protected you in ww1 ww2 and england we kicked your ass in the revolution and hitler is german germany is where? thought so napoleon where was he from again oh yeah france so europe sucks because they made 2 antichrists and i swear to god if i ever become president i will invade europe and see how that little pussy continent fights back so **** you europe your just a little pussy continent and the usa only lost 1 war europe lost 1 2 3 oh wait to many to count so you european bitches go deepthroat your baget and kill some more jews because thats what your best at ******* up
User avatar #53 to #33 - cammyT
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(03/28/2010) [-]
shut the **** up
#47 to #33 - anon
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(12/02/2009) [-]
Actually the WWI and WWII were entirely European conflicts. So by your logic you protected Europeans from Europeans. (Yes Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France and Russia are actually European countries. Although Russia isn't entirely located on Europe.)
#43 to #33 - anon
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(11/27/2009) [-]
You assisted in WWI, in WWII the only thing you did is steal German scientists and smuggled terrorists into your own country so you'd have technological superiority.
In WWII the US participated in two "major" battles - Normandy and the Bulge.
Normandy comes in at 19, by total casualties.
Bulge is at 36.
The first 18, with the exception of Battle of France (Which was Nazis vs. Europe) were exclusively fought between the USSR and Nazi Germany (2nd Belarussian major battle was also fought by Poland in addition to the USSR and Germany).
It didn't matter *at all* whether or not the US joined in.

You just have a problem of ignorance, and inability to look past your own fat to see what's actually happened/happening.
#40 to #33 - anon
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(11/18/2009) [-]
what i wanna no is what the hell is a "eurapean" judging by his description its a loadmouth cocksuckerf who wouldnt know culture if it came up and bit him in the balls
#34 to #33 - StillJolly **User deleted account**
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(11/07/2009) [-]
DUMBASS, you descend from Europe. And we lost more then one war, we lost 5, also you make americans look very bad. seriously im surprised you know how to use a computer. and if you would become president you cant just declare war, especially on Europe, such a great place.
#35 to #34 - anon
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(11/07/2009) [-]
dude ******* seriously i am not european ******* retard exactly you lost 5 america lost 1 bitch so go suck your moms cock
#36 to #35 - anon
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(11/08/2009) [-]
haha u truly are the retard. Europe colonised north america, therefore you ARE european by heritage. If by revolution you are referring to the civil war in america, then the terminology "civil war" implies 2 rival factions within a single entity are at war, i.e. USA's EUROPEAN COLONISTS. without europe the USA would not exist as we know it today. you owe europe your very existence. fool.