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amount of porn you watch

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Member Elf Pimple We Allen Te we Veer
ill Fern We' ll Admit Te Watching
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Submitted: 11/03/2009
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Anonymous commenting is allowed
#29 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
porn hub good porn free no sign up or anthing check it out its got realy good porn i use it and guess what u can down load porn on to your psp for free 2 and your i pod i phone etc i love it
User avatar #28 - Bacula ONLINE (11/04/2009) [-]
I love porn too. But my identity is not going to be on government websites... or is it? God i hope not. Anyway i love porn and the rest of you do so yeh.
#27 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
Lol, the chance of getting a girlfriend line goes up a bit at the end, so basically, if you watch no porn you can get a girlfriend easily, and if you watch porn literally 24/7 you can get a girlfriend even easier.
#23 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
this is so true
#22 - Fat Ben **User deleted account** (11/03/2009) [-]
#30 to #22 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
Please don't feed the trolls.
User avatar #38 to #30 - PrimeTimeCigarillo (11/07/2009) [-]
Yeah, I realized that as soon as I commented. Oh well, what's done is done.
#26 to #22 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
you obviously do care if you wasted your time posting that reply bitch
User avatar #37 to #26 - PrimeTimeCigarillo (11/07/2009) [-]
Dude, chill.
User avatar #24 to #22 - PrimeTimeCigarillo (11/03/2009) [-]
NO ONE CARES whether you've taken a crap or not. No one gives a damn about your poo so please stop polluting Funnyjunk.
How appropriate is that my captcha is fiend? That's pretty funny.
ANYWAYS, no one cares, Fat Ben. I sure don't and no one else does.
#17 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
Look how "Girlfriend Prospects" kind of curves back up at the end...
#16 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
I admit I watch porn, love the stuff. So all my friends corner me and ask me for copies when nobody else is around. Freaken losers, just admit it.
User avatar #11 - JayeP (11/03/2009) [-]
Eh, I don't watch porn anymore, but even before that, I don't like letting people use my computer. One time when I did that, one of my neighbors looked up porn on it, and tried to blame it on my dad.
#10 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
well, thats officially true for me..
#8 - sadgirl **User deleted account** (11/03/2009) [-]
i admit to watching porn all the time. my line would be off the charts, i love porn.
#31 to #8 - sadgirl **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
wolfgirl, you are a troll and no one cares what you think. just shut up, you are a lying ass hoe. aren't you like 14?
User avatar #32 to #31 - WolfgirllrigfloW (11/04/2009) [-]
Actually no, you dumb bitch, I'm 17. The only reason you guessed 14 is cause that is your age. And If I was a troll, my name would be Danny P, so the only troll around here is you, cause you also look like a troll. GO BACK TO YOUR BRIDGE!
#33 to #32 - sadgirl **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
wow bitch. i am 20 for starters. if you aren't a troll why is it that people say you are a troll? how many users do you have blocking you? 17? you can't even legally hold a beer in your damn hand. you just said that **** to get all the guys on your side. that, is a whore. keep running your mouth you **** .
User avatar #34 to #33 - WolfgirllrigfloW (11/04/2009) [-]
Legally I can hold as much damn beer as I please if I don't drink it. I only have you 2 blocking me, and oh yeah, I'm a whore when the only guy I've had sex with is my fiance. OH MAH GOODNESS! Your logic is invalid.
#35 to #34 - sadgirl **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
look up the law bitch! anyone under the age of 21 legally CAN'T TOUCH A BEER! EVEN IF IT IS CLOSED! you are so dumb.
User avatar #36 to #35 - WolfgirllrigfloW (11/04/2009) [-]
Actually, if you live in a small town, you can legally go to the bar and get drunk with your parents/relatives. I live in a very small town, therefore I can legally hold a beer. How do I know? My uncle is a cop. I go to the bar with him every Friday. So don't tell me what I already know, you don't live my life. =] Now shut up.
#25 to #8 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
If your girlfriend is that awesome, they may be excused from kitchen duty occasionally.
#21 to #8 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
Why the **** is there a computer in the kitchen?
#19 to #8 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
keep dreaming its a guy
User avatar #18 to #8 - WolfgirllrigfloW (11/03/2009) [-]
So what? I'm a chick and I watch porn, and I make sandwiches and bring them with an open beer, on a daily basis!
User avatar #15 to #8 - Vegeto ONLINE (11/03/2009) [-]
no one gives a **** about your opinion cause your anonymous bitch. GO kill yourself
#13 to #8 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
no one gives a **** about you opinion bith, go kill yourself
#12 to #8 - bryanlalik **User deleted account** (11/03/2009) [-]
wow, what an innovator. she found out how to watch porn in the kitchen!
User avatar #9 to #8 - supersparta (11/03/2009) [-]
Aren't you a married woman? Holy **** . MEN IT'S TIME TO BE PROUD.
#6 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
so ******* true
#4 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
Did anyone else notice the girlfriend line starts to go back up in the end?
User avatar #14 to #4 - Obvious Ninja (11/03/2009) [-]
That's because you start recognizing the names of the ******* , and you can say hello to them in the streets.
#7 to #4 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
well actually yes. if you pay attention not on the pron but body language you could learn a bit and people will wanna be with you but you will need to get laid first then the word goes around.
#5 to #4 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
so that means if i watch enough porn i will be succesful with ladies again?
User avatar #2 - ThePhilosopher (11/03/2009) [-]
LMFAO! Best graph EVER!
#1 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
I like how none of my friends will respect me if I don't see enough horse dick.
#20 to #1 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
Im not sure about him, but I know i sure could go for some more

Captcha: prick, no im pretty sure its not just a little prick
#3 to #1 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
Seriously dude. You could go for some more horse dick right about now.
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