Real Gay Test. Thumbs up if you saw the dancers. Gay Test Hyou see two people dancing I' got some news fur you. I see a misty mountain being torn by a blizzard and on the top of this mountain I see three forms that look as if they are flying too and fro. As we climb close Gay test
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#204 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
i saw the boobs automatically and im a chick. but that doesnt make me lesbian. the only reason i saw boobs first is because...i mean really..what else did you expect from funny junk? all the **** on here is boobs and sex and stuff. it;s not even funny anymore. tumbs up if you agree.
#152 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
Lol I see Kermit the Frog.
#159 to #152 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
the test is inconclusive.
#96 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
theres no belly button...
User avatar #116 to #96 - YaMum (10/28/2009) [-]
OMG... your awesome man.
#97 to #96 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
wait, dos dat mean kyle xy has tits too??
#148 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
I saw 2 ninjas fighting, does that make me gay?
#156 to #148 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
No man ninjas are the **** !

x D
#115 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
More like purity test than gay test
User avatar #218 - Peachfuzz (11/04/2009) [-]
I see a misty mountain being torn by a blizzard and on the top of this mountain I see three forms that look as if they are flying too and fro. As we climb closer to this misty mountain top we make out the forms as Leonidas, Gandalf, and Mace Windu in a battle of epic proportions where no rules apply. As Mace Windu's force grip tries to take the stave from Gandalf's hand, Leonidas summons his Wind Rider Chariot led by 6 massive polar bears which have only fed from the corpses of the Arctic Caribou. With his Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker in hand he charges toward his enemies in a rush of snow and ice shooting up all around him. As lightning clings from the heavens onto his blade, the last thing we hear, is that This, Is Sparta.
#219 to #218 - John Cena (11/04/2009) [-]
#220 to #218 - Papa Palpatine **User deleted account** (11/06/2009) [-]
you sir have just won
User avatar #118 - SoNotTheCoolest (10/28/2009) [-]
I thought it was a man beating a woman....
#117 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
well... i just learned something today. apparently im gay...
#1 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
Nice one! took me a minute, but damn that's a good one!
#109 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
What if your a girl?
#119 to #109 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
U R right, but the image is of a woman, therefor, if she where gay, than she would se the woman off the bat!

#111 to #109 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
Girls can be gay to.. ******* ******* .
#114 to #109 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
Yea except it would be if she noticed the its moron.
not the people dancing for her its the oposite.

#174 - xIIMKIx **User deleted account** (10/29/2009) [-]
okay im so ******* gay officially now! thats pretty ******* awesome! i thumbed it up and i never do that
#180 to #174 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
I give a thumbs up to you for your number-munchers avatar :)
#99 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
User avatar #78 - TallyWhacker (10/28/2009) [-]
i would rather see two dancers than a fat chick with one nipple bigger than the other
User avatar #37 - Shiny (10/28/2009) [-]
Indeed, this picture is extremely gay.
#9 - John Cena (10/28/2009) [-]
"If you see two people dancing, I've got some news for you."
What news? That I'm not a perv? Works for me.

You have implied that if every thought is not related to sexual intercourse with a woman, you are gay. WRONG
#205 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
NOW I GET IT!!!! Took me a minute. Of course, I'm a girl so...
#184 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
First I saw a rape about to happen, then I thought, "Oh, she's just out of the kitchen, he'll just beat her." Then I read the demotivator and was like, "Holy **** , they dancin'?" Then scrolled down, read "boobs!", scrolled up and was happy again. :D
#183 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
#154 - John Cena (10/29/2009) [-]
Wouldnt that just mean you dont have a dirty mind...?
User avatar #107 - PrimeTimeCigarillo (10/28/2009) [-]
Their dancing is highly erotic indeed.
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