Omegle's Ruined Lives 2. the sequel.<br /> For those who haven't seen it:<br /><br omegle Ruined lives Part the game
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Omegle's Ruined Lives 2

Omegle's Ruined Lives 2. the sequel.<br /> For those who haven't seen it:<br /><br

the sequel.<br />
For those who haven't seen it:<br /><br />
Please enjoy!!

omegle Talk to strangers'. We we We
You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hll
Stranger: hi
Stranger: boobs please
You: loll talk dirty to me
Stranger: mamm id like to strip u dwn and push u dwn on the bed and our sweet we -
Stranger: is that dirty enough lol ' "''s,
You: yah
Info Photos "s,,
You: l
25 Joel only shares some of his or \
C u. message or an him as a men l
View Photos when (43) 'v,
Send Joel a Message About Me ‘m
Poke by
Sam Info Sex
Mutual Friends
Humid in common
Noel Hand
faceted Prom: quarks Window Help _ an o
Facebook I Messages -Joel Mm is a pervert.
Noel Hand Blah E] A M ges&
Likes and Interests
Must Orange in the I
Mark as Unread Report Spam Delete
wall Info r 'tos Boxes l Back tta Messages
Between Noel Hand and You
Write somethi g... Andy Meyers May 21 atta
l n i l yeh lol read the title then the picture
Noel Hand Blah
Yesterday at 7. via Mobile Web Comment Like
Noel Hand May 22 at 6
who r u
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Noel Hand I have never been so hurt in my life as i am now how can i be
so stupid to believe all of his ****** lies. Going out with my grandma then 2' ] Andy Meyers in mm
apparently a girl he wants.
anyone want to hang out tonight
Noel Hand May 22 at
I Cindy Massey Coker on no what happened do u guys talk or was this the first time he talked to you
Yesterday at 6:
Joel Raymond Mcdonald
Andy Meyers May 23 at 12
why do you ask?
Yester at at 6:
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Submitted: 08/24/2010
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User avatar #13 - Mrah (08/24/2010) [-]
that'll teach that cheating sonovabitch
#6 - Cornchowder (08/24/2010) [-]
This is so funny. It's so terrible though. Hahahahaha.
#1 - TheCommentist **User deleted account** (08/24/2010) [+] (5 replies)
how do u find their facebook?
User avatar #10 - adip (08/24/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Lol, reading the comments below makes me giggle, this isnt even you and you OWNED them.. OWNED I SAY OWNED.
:D btw, why would that girl go out with a guy that looks older than her
(brown hair)
User avatar #12 to #10 - ameya (08/24/2010) [-]
yes. this is me.

its a fake account i made for trolling
User avatar #3 - PedooBearr (08/24/2010) [-]
#2 - twoforty Comment deleted by ameya [-]
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