Only in America.. Not to mention we have a black president. (well half-black.). in ... Ilfari fl DIES get to house faster than an DWI in ... WE there Barking DI
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Only in America.

Not to mention we have a black president. (well half-black.)

in ... Ilfari fl DIES get to house faster than an
DWI in ... WE there Barking DIESES in front
of fl skating rink
DWI in ... an WERE the slts WEIR all the
WWI to the DESK of the store to get their while
Bennie em DWI at the front.
DWI in ... tlo ostler Meese laughers,
large mes, andl a diet Mlai
in ... an ( sweatie Mth [Innis to the tgault new
and then endin the to the .
in America... an WE BEENIE Mrs thousand's of
in the and DUI our useless Junk in the
in ... an WE use answering to
tballs and then tam En" waiting so WE wnn' t mlsw fl militant
WE didn' t WEN to talk to in the flest DIIEE.
unlit in America... an we my hot blogs in Damages of ten and
was in Cartrages of eight
unlit in ... an we use the WWII 'Annuities' to describe the
means so well: Poll' in Latin meaning 'mang' and 'tles'
meaning ' matures‘.
in ... an they have HIM mannings with
Braille lettering.
Mt I ' t want tn HUB
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Submitted: 10/27/2009
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#107 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (12 replies)
but Australia kicks ass!!!!!!

watch the thumbs down come
User avatar #13 - TheDeadPool (10/27/2009) [+] (1 reply)
only in america can a 500 lb woman find a thong that fits
#69 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [+] (1 reply)
We hide all that shit in the garage because the second it hits the lawn we're labeled rednecks
#188 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (2 replies)
thumbs down if the U.S SUCK BALLS!
#105 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (4 replies)
Just putting it out there... Yay Canada
#106 to #105 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [-]
Nobody cares about Canada...
User avatar #66 - Shiny (10/27/2009) [+] (2 replies)
God, I love my fucking country.

We may be a bunch of screwballs, but DAMMIT, YOU KNOW IT'S KICKASS.
#172 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (1 reply)
but then the C.I.A burst in and say........
#173 to #172 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [-]
#21 - samsamsampl (10/27/2009) [+] (2 replies)
but alot of those things aren't only done in america...
and I highly doubt a pizza will get to a house faster than an ambulance unless its extremely close to the house already...
and you know, some handicapped people like to come watch hockey games.
and if you put the useless junk in the driveway, it'll all get stolen or blown away, and just plain look bad.
but, i don't know, i probably shouldn't take it so literally.
#25 to #21 - Glass **User deleted account** (10/27/2009) [-]
Only in America do we have useless asses who cant just enjoy the comedy
#7 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [-]
would be funny if all of theses things were actually only in america.
#86 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (11 replies)
User avatar #90 to #86 - Some One Weird ONLINE (10/28/2009) [-]
Hey, just because some of our politicians are power/money hungry turds, doesn't mean the rest of America is. So I change #86's statement to "DEATH TO GREEDY ASSHOLES" . The ignorance of some people from other countries is astounding, to stereotype an ENTIRE COUNTRY. (I am 6'1" 145 lbs. If you think thats fat, you are a dumbass)
#71 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [-]
only in canada do you... ummm... its cold up here...
#51 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [+] (2 replies)
now i know all americans think we canadians all live in igloos are a whole bunch of hill billies, but no, live here for a week, and youll see that canada isnt horribly different from the U.S, i live in canada, but ive been in the U.S for months at a time, and its not that big of a difference. So, no offence but all the super patriotic americans bashing canadians, give it a rest, k?
#193 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (1 reply)
all those things are also true in Canada, but we also have awesome polar bears and colourful money.
#132 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (22 replies)
soooo america walks into a bar, and canada and new zealend are sitting there, soo as all three of them were talking,, guess who walks in (continue the story in your next comments :D
#133 to #132 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [-]
Then afghanistan, iraq and iran walk in and shout GET THE FUCK DOWN HOMIES, WE'RE GUNNA BLOW THIS SHIT BACK TO...
#125 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (3 replies)
Only in america... People are dumber than donkeys
#99 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (2 replies)
America! Fuck Yeah!
#103 to #99 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [-]
America is digging a grave for itself
#58 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [+] (1 reply)

lol the image above is funny its some dude farting and he accidently lights his friend on fire its hella funny visit the link!
#60 to #58 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [-]
con is the opposite of pro, correct?
so whats the opposite of progress?
#44 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [+] (3 replies)
People make it seem like America sucks. America is by far the best country in the fucking world. There are plenty of things wrong with other countries.
Canada: Fucking hicks. Mexico: Fucking poor. France: Fucking pussies. Ireland: Fucking drunks. England: MORE Fucking pussies. India: Fucking dirty. China: Nothing wrong with the people but theirs too Fucking many! All of the Middle east: Fucking insane. Russia: Fucking bears on unicycles . Germany: Fucking nazi's.
If you think that what I just said is racist than fuck you. Thats for saying America sucks. If you can think of any other counties to make fun of, reply to this post. Make sure to say "Fucking" before the word though
#54 to #44 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [-]
You guys know that the some countries that your making fun of found america the land of the fatass retards and many ghetto white and black people who don't even try to learn. America has many ups and downs but it fucking sucks that you have to bitch about other countries having problems.
#128 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [+] (1 reply)
only in america is the average waist size equator lol
User avatar #130 to #128 - Liam Jarvie (10/28/2009) [-]
you made me laugh
#30 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [+] (4 replies)
all of this is true for Canada too lol funny though
#36 to #30 - anonymous (10/27/2009) [-]
In soviet russia Canada Fucks YOU!
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