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User avatar #699 - Laukik (08/21/2010) [-]
(Actual Argument I had with a Creationist) Look, I believe in God. However, it's more like the God from BSG as God being a force of nature. I put ZERO FAITH in a collection of scrolls poorly translated and retranslated by Arabs and Englishmen alike for the last 2000 years. What I do put faith in is that we are part of God's plan. So is evolution and Dinosaurs and all the life on other planets we have yet to discover... I'm also not sure if I really believe in the omnipotent, supreme, all knowing being who takes a personal interest in our daily lives so much as I believe theirs a good probably God is more like a stoned teenager with a box of fire crackers and an Ant Farm. He has a plan. No one said it was a good one. (She ******* freaked)
User avatar #723 to #699 - guymandude (08/30/2010) [-]
where is the comment favorite button!?
User avatar #724 to #723 - Laukik (08/30/2010) [-]
I have some really deep thoughts when I'm stone... I also can't spell for **** when I'm stoned either. But yes, this is the basic outline of my beliefs. I don't force them on anyone, but I'm happy to shove it up someone's ass when they demand I do something related to their religion. Like Sharia Law. Watch me have an argument with a sandn*gger. It's an epic battle each time that ends with them screaming uncontrollably and me snickering.
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