Pokemon Facebook. Stolen from College Humor, thought you guys would appreciate it. Professor on y Ash Ketchum: Are you a boy tyr a gym Also, what' s your name?  Pokemon facebook collegehumor
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Pokemon Facebook

Stolen from College Humor, thought you guys would appreciate it

Professor on y Ash Ketchum: Are you a boy tyr a gym Also, what' s
your name?
y y Toutes my _ my See \
Ash Kenyan Are mm my ear: We we m a yawn mm
may 7 wavy: m t and van my my know my Gimick
y Toutes my my
on Marya y, M amuse my PS y what my or germ
ya» any gustat? my Bum
7 myeyes my my
any Ketchum ma my
5 Inmates my my
my Arielk- may my m Am your
5 myeyes my my
Ash my NAME 5 Rent was
Tortes my my
Processer on em my yam my
3 myeyes my my
my my
Wrte y _
Misty gammy ready by season!!! ;)
7 my Commeny my
3 near»: Mums
Kakuna MARIE?!
F, Tortes my my
Maniac Hymns»
o minmus my my
Clearly HARDEN
3 Tortes my my
Heaven Kimmy my my t up am; t
my my
7 _ Gyarados
men on MY new envy”
my my
t, Pm Harm yeah nght, Mrdarp- 1 many " ,
my 2: Toutes my my
madame my yawn my that we status
22 myeyes my my
harm. my my up an ass [WORKED REAL man my
21 Toutes my my
Dugtrio my yr my may: my yum: use Were sow
19 myeyes my my
Gearalt's way YOUR '' 5 my magi gowns
HA» yaw, : FNALLY no T
IS my my
Poliwag wry (Ikeman) Shaw
rtress, Magikarp yr my Milo arm ; '
12 myeyes my my
my was 5 GYARADOS Now my CM A sum» we
snowy my : my many, :
madame WM was yr m mam n rm
Pm Na may t was “Magnum .
y myeyes my my
Guam Al my my t was " Last m Every sum-
y myeyes my my
7 myeyes my my
a Poliwag wen
Jessie Prepare by
Jame: my my»:
my Toutes my my
Jenn m protect my wand my
y myeyes my my
James n my an yen: -yes Hymn
y myeyes my my
Jessie To my my yum. and my
y Toutes my my
James m attend aw reach trr the my yam
7 myeyes my my
Jenn Jesse
7 myeyes my my
Jame: Jamal
y myeyes my my
Jenn Yum Rm; tet, my my n my stanza M um
5 myeyes my my
Jame: Haw yr my
y myeyes my my
Meagan my my my stop mum my new we van my my
my 5 why We my nu warms
sham y mum: saw my
Meow» AMI can n stop tryig to steal may mm 3
yumy warms:
Wrte y _ mm
way, Ash took Charmander and Gary took Squitle
Guess there' ll be newbe around to pm me pretty soon
Probe:: my
ya Tortes my my
youve my Emma my *******
forever, rght? mm:
7 Toutes my my
may mi my mm
5 Toutes my my
St on yayyay AREYOU A
o my my
2 Toutes my my
Processer my ' Know AMYMORE
sham y Tarte my my
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maybe because someone posted this like 3 hours before you
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