Facebook Fail 2. OMG thanks for getting part 1 so much thumbs.. as requested here is part 2!<br /> comment and thumb for more. Between You and Kathy- deat
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Facebook Fail 2

OMG thanks for getting part 1 so much thumbs.. as requested here is part 2!<br />
comment and thumb for more

Between You and Kathy-
deathy- September 2 at
Dear Imagery.
My friend Susan just started en the facebewk and she helped me set
ene up tee. She' s using it talk be her sen in graduate schewl and I
thaught that since yeu have tremble returning tmi' hem your
dear old mother I' d give it a try.
Greg - September 2 at
hey ms - I think yeu' ye get the wrang passe. hinest mistake
Kathy - September it at 2:
Dear thuggery,
Obviously we' Inherited yew father' s crackpot sense pf humer. This
is a med way far us tn keep in touch, but I can' t seem tn see the rest
pf your page. is something wrung? Dicey. well keep in much and call
Greg - September 5 at J is are
heyy yeah i dent really knew whats going en but yeu' re net my mm.
Kathy‘ Rememeber Er at 6
Dear Gregory,
Just because yew Father and I get a diverse deosn' t mean I' m net your
mather errywere. We' re still my baby my and will always be.
Kat by - September 6 at 6
Dear Gregory,
AND en top of it I thath appreciate how yeu and your brothers always
cheese his side in these matters. He' s the indecent prick Inthe cheated
an may and destroyed this marriage and DUI‘ family. I' ll have yeu
spent years raising yea and yew brothers with nu help hem yew
father at all. And Just because he burg ht You the widens and the
Content's deosn' t make him a better parental figure.
Kathy -rlly September E at E. -Hem
I hope yeu take a greed leek at yourself in the miner. I mean it take a
really gem. streng leek at yourself and reflect en the persin yeu are
and the peruse yeu' d like be.
Kathy - September is at 5:
And it would be nice if yeu called Your ence in a while.
he know she' s in the hes phat recovering fer the next 3 days, and
since we nu hanger seem be care absent maintaining contact with lftl"
grand parents en my side of the family. net partaker's in the :
summer vacations put there {despite the fact that we' den it every
summer until this past year and you den' t even have a his step yew.
it seems like the very least yeu twirl db. Her birthday is the 12nd.
In case we ferget.
Kathy - September T at 2:
Dr yeu meld just tell that slimy where bf a stepmother yeu have that
she have breng ht yeu and Your brothers to baseball practice all
these years. I' m muting half of this tututu en and expect some goddamn
respect. Yaar brather Mike is giving me enough stress as is with that
saspe asien t den' t need this frem yeu. Shape up new er ferget nether
if being at Penn State.
Greg - September T
uhh yeah so I inset jetting befire. i' m really net yew som but i
checked put kids with my same name we to peep state. I think
this might he him
wed luck with all that stuff and please rien' t write back. I am net your
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Submitted: 08/20/2010
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#5 - lazerdude (08/26/2010) [-]
haha ****** awesome that bitch is crazy
#1 - Smithly (08/20/2010) [+] (3 replies)
This is what id do to her if i was that kid...
This is what id do to her if i was that kid...
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