Gone with the Blastwave 19. being with the rest of the herd makes them seem smarter<br /> #20: /funny_pictures/703909/Gone+with+the+Blastwave+20/. martial lol gone with the blast Wave feels Good to be back herd
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Gone with the Blastwave 19

martial Take the damn
Gaddamn"' Millage an”? ill letras 6' m' ibl tank. em already! We' get
1 is dead.
I think that was all of them. ‘fall ..'' .
that Man, the
really need he get
At. get the guys ta ‘m. I
sweep the area ens
mere thee.
their - I I Hey
lloris'' [till Came")
you untll us‘?
He, we- We' been In
this an fer ever a month.
Ltitle‘? They get captured? Glh... ‘Well that makes anat
The yellowy sure have a more sense. Typng steeple up
weird way tee " in the middle at the battle
He than net Jinnah,
They were..-
Sure feats
deed he he beat:
with the rest at the hard.
He. they aren' t frem em
squad. may just randomly
felled us. Lucky bastards. H 3 Fa
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