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South Park Facts 3

South Park Facts
By dinasty
The South Park series started as an animated short
called "The Spirit Of Chirstmas: Jesus Us. Frosty". [n
the 4 minutes that it runs for, Frosty the Xsnowman
comes to life. sprouts tentacles. kills two kids.
Then Jesus appears and saves the others. If you want
to see the video. the link is in the description.
also Cartman is Kenny.
South Park is able to address current events so fast
because they are computer animated. Episodes can be
written. made. and aired in days or even hours.
about Last Night", they use bits of Mamas speech
that he had said very recently. also the program used
is called Maya. which is the same program used to make
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
South Park holds the Guiness World Record for "Most
Swearing in an Animated Series". But that' s pretty
some of the ways Kenny dies are: Death by dodgeball. death
by getting his head bitten oft by Ozzy Osbourne. death by
turkeys. death by decapitation. death by skidding alone a
street at high speeds. death by spontaneously combusting.
death by flagpole, death by Stan' s giant evil twin knocking him
into a microwave. and death by getting split in halt by a
chainsaw. Pretty brutal. huh?
Kyle is based on Matt. while Stan is based on Trey.
Cartman is based on the evil rubbish that is in
everyone’ s heart. Kenny is based on MNXQ.
Thanks for all the awesome support and
feedback you guys have given me, but this is
my last South Park Facts. you have
anything else you would like to see, feel free
to mention iti
And Just remember, there' s more to life
than profits.
Like what?
You know, like slurpees and stuff.
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