Rules for being a man Part 4. This is the final one. I can't thank you all enough for getting me from Level 1 to Level 14 in only 2 days! D. Rules For Being a M everyone loves marineland
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Rules for being a man Part 4

Rules for being a man Part 4. This is the final one. I can't thank you all enough for getting me from Level 1 to Level 14 in only 2 days! D. Rules For Being a M

This is the final one. I can't thank you all enough for getting me from Level 1 to Level 14 in only 2 days! D

Rules For Being a Man Part All
Okay funnyjunk, this is the last one. It' s getting
really old now, yeah. I' m dedicating this
one to Ano] because he gave me some good
rules, but most of the ones in this comp are
from a book I have and some of them I made
up. I' m also dedicating this to the users of
funnyjunk that thumbed up my content and
helped me get front page 3 times. Thanks
much. Anyways, here it is...
41. Ifyou get 2 tickets to the big game, the priority
list for granting the second ticket is as follows:
1. Your best friends (in order of how long
yeu' known them).
2. Your acquaintances.
3. Your Outworkers.
4. The mailman.
5. The UPS guy.
6. NASA.
7. John Kerry.
1, 485, 7' . Your girlfriend.
42. You are allowed to enjee exactly one chick TV
show, and one chick flick. You may have no mere.
And if you like Grease, well, we' re already too
43. ' s never a sandwich, it' s a sammich. And any
woman who refuses to make you one needs to
be slapped (thanks to opinionated bitch for this
44. You may exaggerate any anecdote told in a bar
by 50 percent without recrimination.
45. Getting chacolate wasted is just as good as
getting wasted.
46. The minimum amount ertime you have to wait for
another guy who' s running late is five minutes. For
a girl, you are required to wait ten minutes for
every point of hotness she Scores on a scale of
All Agreeing to distract the ugly friend of a hot girl
that your friend is trying to hook up with is your
legal and moral duty. Should you get carried away
with your good deed and end up having sex with
the beast, your pal is forbidden to speak of it.
48. You must not ask for directions, only if your
life depends on it.
49. You should never waste beer.
50. Under no circumstances may two men share an
51. Before dating a buddy' s ex, you are required to
seek his permission, and he in return is required
to grant it.
52. If one of your friends semes to your house to
play video games, you are player 1 and your
friend is player 2.
53. Socks DC) NOT go with sandals.
54. If awoman ever asks you to hold her purse,
55. A real man doesn' t need to follow rules. LOL
I told smasterofpuppets I would put that in)
Again, thanks for viewing my shit,
and thanks for getting me from
Level 1 to Level 14 in just 2 fucking
days. I' m SC) happy, I could lick a
horse. Wait, what'? Okay,
nevermind. Feel free to thumb this
min. new
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#89 - airguitar
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(08/12/2010) [-]
This image has expired
Ok, I have a SCARY story for you all...

And when he woke up in the morning she was still in his bed- AHHHHHHH!

And then she wanted to make him eggs- AHHHHHHHH!

And he said, "Oh I don't have time I have a meeting at 12:30" and she said, "I'll drive you there"- AHHHHHHH!

And he said, "No no, it's at my office it's like a half hour commute" and she said, "I don't mind, it's on the way to my kid's preschool"- AHHH! AHHHHH! AHHH! AHHHHHHH!
User avatar #90 to #89 - Hippiekiller
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(08/12/2010) [-]
******* epic
User avatar #10 - phoneman
Reply +11 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
54. ********! You know nothing of manhood

If you're asked to hold a purse, you just don't do it in the way it was intended. Hold the shoulder strap in a loop, and hang your arm down. Act totally oblivious to the fact that you are indeed carrying a purse
#105 - morayEEL
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
MAN RULE: i dont care how comfortable they are you can never wear crocs
#157 - stillanonymous
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
i don't follow your silly rules. because i'm a man. i do what i want, when i want.
User avatar #167 to #157 - BioDaddy
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
Old spice guy tells the truth,.. on a horse
User avatar #177 to #157 - darklordwaffle
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
but by not following the rules, you follow rule #55, hence following at least one rule, and in doing so, you break rule 55, hence following it...
#66 - Derrr
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(08/12/2010) [-]
User avatar #111 to #66 - GoodGood
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(08/12/2010) [-]
User avatar #70 to #66 - BLUHeavy
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(08/12/2010) [-]
#147 - sexypilgrim
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
User avatar #212 - ChestchireCat
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/13/2010) [-]
**** umbrellas, real men let the rain make them look dramatic and calm in the storm >.>
#170 - Quackles
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
if your secretary is hot and has screwed something up, you are required to bang her infront of everyone.. LIKE A BOSS!
#144 - sirshagalot
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
be a man, man.
User avatar #83 - InsomniacDreamer
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/12/2010) [-]
The only thing i liked was the "deadmau5 ftw"