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#108 - anonymous (10/29/2009) [-]
god is a fictional character though.
#118 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
@115. No they're just theories. If you take out air, you choke, something's there. If you cut something down to the smallest particle possible, you call it an atom. The universe is moving apart, there might of been an explosion.

People can choose what they believe in but don't say tested theories are wrong or god is real cause you'll either be proven wrong or say "it is cause it is so it is right".
#119 to #118 - TakewhatIhave (11/04/2009) [-]
So I guess Love, Hate, etc. don't exist. Plus pain doesn't exist to someone born with cipa. Colors don't exist if you ask a blind person. Pitch doesn't exist if you ask a deaf person. So I guess God doesn't exist if you ask a non-believer.
User avatar #122 to #119 - shlacka (11/19/2009) [-]
i wanna be god...... :'(
#117 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
For the love of god someone please post this on funnyjunk
#116 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
and lots of girls have tasted it
#115 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
u cant do tht to air, atoms, or the creation of the universe, but still people believe in them. srry not evry1 is like you #110, but its wat some ppl choose to beleive in
#114 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
yea but most have seen/felt sperm.
#113 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
In that case, sperm is fictitious. If you want to prove me wrong, report back with what it tastes like.
#112 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
haha i bet hed taste like your first commun
#111 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
Why would you want to taste god?
#110 to #108 - anonymous (10/30/2009) [-]
Can you see, touch, smell, taste him/it? N? There is your answer.
User avatar #109 to #108 - BrianStorm (10/30/2009) [-]
depends on your belief.
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