4Chan Founder H4x Palin. Here's the link to the article: www.businessinsider.com/4chan-founder-moots-weird-testimony-in-sarah-palin-email-hacking-trial-2010-8 p look at my horse
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4Chan Founder H4x Palin

Founder Mom' s Weird Testimony it (klulli"
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Nick Saint , , ila: ffi PM 6 94, 735 a 53 Subscribe f an ii' h ,' ow,,
The Smoking Gun has dug up some Your Money sponsored by : .'.
entertaining testimony from the trial of David Attlee Average ‘Sn’ Ihre
Kernels, the 22 yearsold hacker convicted of
Nasdaq 223. 1?
breaking in to then candidate in GK _ 43. 52 M dile%
Sarah Palm' s email in BEIGE. . 53. 1121. 116
Specifically, it' s the testimony of Christopher
Moot' Poole, founder and administrator of
the image board on which Palin' s
password was posted.
Moot was called in to testify about and
the data he turned over to investigators. But,
for some reason, both the prosecution and
defense felt the need to question him about
slang. Nothing in the rest ofthe testimony makes it clear questions needed to be asked,
but they' re a lot offen:
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Looks liike a good deal in cruises to the right