Trolling Part I. ;<br /> Trolling. Posted by An anymous on Au gust 10th, 201 (1 at 12: 50 AM 1 My sons live with their  troll trolling part I
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Trolling Part I

Posted by An anymous
on Au gust 10th, 201 (1 at 12: 50 AM 1
My sons live with their father 2 states away. They just left to
move across country alter spending their summer with me. My
husband was cleaning the computer, uninstall programs,
defragging, etc. when he came across some hidden files. They
Share were anime images of a comic - with these humanized
animals having gay sex. Now mind you he has had a thing about
Rate - wolves for years, I have bought him , blankets, posters,
W books. I have done research about "furry fandom" and there is a
Faourite whole . They have this huge conference every year in
any + f - Pittsburgh. He has begged me to take him. What do I do?
Flag Accept it, assume he is gay even though he has had
he' s biesexual? I' m biesexual myself but I am
in a monogamous heterosexual marriage and he doesn' t know. I
just don' t know what to -. I' d appreciate any advice.
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Posted by on August With. 2010 at 1:
encourage your boy to get win all the ways that give him to most
erotica's. invite him to explore broadly his sexual interests, from
furry fun, to more typical explorations, which he is likely making. I
mean, iwould love it would''" me howling in the
light ofthe moon. Where does he live?
Posted by PUNNINESS on August "10th, ems atr. PM
This inyour over‘ Carma. E. . t: Raise fl Flag ' Comment
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