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Erner I " Ml titta
This Dacia is completely fucked. In fact,
Tour computer is probably broken.
Tne page we are rams seriously fucked up am IS
currently The Web site might be experiencing
techical , or yea may have ta your Dde’ alink
smear In ease, tea bad
p ease try the fallower
Deere; h amen, carrell yourk‘ : " I drawer
tray with Jerri This "sally warlus
e If Full typed he page address In the Address ear, please
go away and ream ta spell before return
To check year status, unplug sear P: and
a screne- into ea ma s socket Connection status
win become
a If /an me, M mart Window; can examine year v: and
send dermis er an the pornography you have m
its headquarters In Redmond
If rad would Ike Window; to Fullt ,
click @Yeai send meta an
e same sites ycu visit remarry M deserts chat
the v. -i.. dau. s menu and than Jck Let me View boobies?
ta unistall tho featured
a If mu are reach a same ate, make sure yea are
he: running . Chck the My , and
then Fight may Drive L: on the Menu select This sacks:
And dnn' toe agar...
e Click the ' Back to try and era this nightmare
Cannot find
or thayre youve med the Internet
H/ er er Dru: Error
The Page Cannot be displayed because
you are an asshole
Pleaser fame Wm/ 9 cf an try the following;
e Dun‘! Erskine Refresh button Go new
e If yea are smarts spend another nun at Andiron,
than please came Amman Anonymous
To go outside, first Cyber menu,
and then may and water In the Face on the Numb
Asstap, may sedentary has rain The an ant at
Tour any settings should match these by
year mar area (LAN)
a If Tour an Computer Addict Persona has enabled rt, we
can examine year network and quckly many? a way
to were you up tram your swan
If yea wiuld we VI/ tam and .
e There are a host at things awaiting yea With:
warred: ashing, skimpy skeet shooting, , Fm
meetups, and dentist appointments,
it Tou are unable to get up, dams and Four Dower
any WM emit a area enough shacked scare you back
to your senses what doesn' t mark, then we give an
yea are In need at swung help. mar and
an Four computer': keypad ta reach a mental
hospital near Tou
ideas button ta mart your
Cannot find reality files
Internet Explorer
This page sucks and cannot be
The Page you are ‘coking and rs currently .
The Web ste might be experiencing techradar . yea may
need ta browser settings er rt mum suck.
Please try the following;
Click the Refresh button, with a
Verge hammer.
If may typed the page address the Address bar, make
sure that t rs spelled you stared idiotic moran.
To check settings, utter! case with a anew
mi wth and e. Now take a m. and
proceed to ta. The settings should match those
provided by your local crazy amount (LG) administrator
and Internet service Devider USP).
year Network Administrator rs an mint, Microsoft Windows
can examine year network and screw
everythang nu.
If Von would we Windows ta screw everythang and
may amen eve thin
same sites require Windows ta suck mare than Henna‘.
click the dew. menu and then dick Window: suck
an to determine what strength “saw yea have Installed.
If van are Irving to reach a secure site, make sure van are
net running Windows. was the Wampum menu, and
men right dick min Ci. On the Menu saint: "mrhat",
a cm the ransack button to try another unit.
Carma! Find sen/ Mar one my
Internet Explode,
NWW: l
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