X Rated Jokes Part 1. I will make more if this goes well D<br /> NOTE: For the Jewish and Mexican joke, I meant to say black, not mexican /:. will make mo dont You Hate it when your Dick splits open and locusts Fly out
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X Rated Jokes Part 1

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X Rated Jokes Part 1. I will make more if this goes well D<br /> NOTE: For the Jewish and Mexican joke, I meant to say black, not mexican /:. will make mo

I will make more if this goes well D<br />
NOTE: For the Jewish and Mexican joke, I meant to say black, not mexican /:

will make more if it goes well :DD)
Five people - four guys and a young woman were on a plane when it
suddenly plunged into the sea. Miraculously, all five survived the crash
but found themselves stranded on a desert island. Since the guys
needed to satisfy their natural urges, with the woman' s agreement
they made up a plan. They decided who would fuck the girl as much as
they wanted for one day, and who would fuck her the next, and so on.
The arrangement worked very well for the next six years, satisfying
both the guys and the whore until she died unexpectedly. The first
month went by and it was awful for the guys; the second month was
really bad; the third month was almost unbearable; and by the fourth
month they couldn' t take it anymore, so they buried her.
A man arrived home from work one day to find a stranger fucking his
wife. "What the hell are you two doing?!" demanded the husband. His
wife turned to the stranger and said: "See? I told you he was stupid."
Two Korean tourists arrived in New York and were amazed to see a
street vendor seeling hot dogs. ''I never knew Americans arso ate
dogs," said one. "Rees see what they' re rike." So they ordered hot dogs
and sat down on a bench to eat them. The first Korean opened his bun
and looked inside. "Yucko" he exclaimed. "Pm not eating mine! What
part of the dog did you get?"
As things started getting hotter, a girl said to her boyfriend: "Slow
down, baby. Sex is an art." "Well, you' d better better get your canvas
ready," he panted, "because Pm about to spill my paint'."
Why didn' t the epileptics order Domes at the restaurant? They had
A hooker went to the doctor and told him: "if I get the tiniest cut, it
seems to bleed for hours. Do you think I might be a hemophiliac?"
it is possible," said the doctor. "Tell me, how much do you lose when
you have a period?" The hooker thought for a moment and said:
About SEMI."
A boy came home from school one day with a puzzled expression. His
mother was Jewish and his father was black. The boy asked: "Mom,
am I more Jewish or more Mexican?" What does it really matter?" she
said. "But if you want to know for sure, you' ll have to ask your father."
So when his father arrived home from work, the boy asked him: "Dad,
amd I more Jewish or more Mexican?" "What kind of question is
that?" said the father. "Why do you want to know?" "Well, it' s like
this, dad," explained the boy. "My friend Larry down the street is
selling his bicycle for , and I don' t know whether to talk him down
to , or wait until it' s dark and steal it."
What' s the difference between a Hummer and a pile of dead babies? I
don' t have a Hummer in my garage.
A Mack guy walks into a bar with a beatiful parrot on his shoulder.
Wow," says the bartender. "That is really something. Where' d you get
it?" "Africa," says the parrot.
A man was so deeply in love that Just before he was married, he had
his bride' s name tattooed on his dick. Normally, only the first and last
letters were visible, although when he was aroused, the tattoo spelled
out . Now they' re on their honeymoon at a resort in Montero
Bay. One night, in the men' s room, this fellow finds himself standing
next to a tall Jamaican at the urinal. To his amazement, he notices
that this man, too, has the letters WWY tattooed on his penis. "Excuse
me," he says, "but I couldn' t help noticing your tattoo. Do you have a
girlfriend named Wendy?" "No way, mon, I work for the tourist board.
Mine says, 'Welcome to Jamaica, mon, have a nice day.' "
What' s the most sensitive part of your body while you' re masturbating?
Your ears, listening for footsteps.
What do a Rubik' s cube and a penis have in common? - The longer you
play with them, the harder they get.
What do tofu and a dildo have in common? They' re both meat
Why do Mack women not wear panties at picnics? To keep the flies off
the INS and watermelons.
When is the only time you focus on a nigger? When you aim through
your sniper scope.
I hope you enjoyed this compilation.
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User avatar #1 - midnyt [OP]
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(08/08/2010) [-]
For the Jewish and Mexican joke, I meant to say black, not mexican /:
User avatar #2 to #1 - raibean
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(08/08/2010) [-]
Yeah, that was weird.
User avatar #3 to #2 - midnyt [OP]
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(08/08/2010) [-]
Because a ****** stealing a bike makes more sense than a Mexican stealing a bike.
User avatar #5 to #3 - Xeirky
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(08/10/2010) [-]
No i steal bikes too we just do it when ever
User avatar #4 to #3 - raibean
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(08/08/2010) [-]
No, because you switched back and forth.
#6 to #4 - anon id: 24e53e1d
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(08/12/2010) [-]
**** you racist bitches..