A Love That Could Never Be. I lol at your disappointment and suddenly flat pants.<br /> Will you guys stop bitching if I make my own ending to this?<br chan Pokemon master Krilla Gardevoir Furry hentai yiff
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A Love That Could Never Be

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A Love That Could Never Be. I lol at your disappointment and suddenly flat pants.<br /> Will you guys stop bitching if I make my own ending to this?<br

I lol at your disappointment and suddenly flat pants.<br />
Will you guys stop bitching if I make my own ending to this?<br />
I don't mean to brag, but I'm not a bad writer, plus I have a very important advantage....I ASIAN!!!

We 1205724642 -( 54 KB, 300x300, )
N D Ananymous 03/ 16/ 08( Sun) 23 30 No 12261249
Tour has evolved Into a GARDERE]: *
1, "Wohl" Exclaimed Chaud, wade eyed at new pokeman He had no Idea was close to , It got alot taller, and
I It human
So youre a , m II He walked around pokeman, pae. a circle as he exhumed her closely “I bet youre really strong,
and your move pads probably impressin too II He muttered to Hmself as he her
Does my new form please you, Master?'
l 11 Chanel Jumped, then looked around quickly "What 7 Who , who' s there?"
s me, Master Tour pokemon'
Chaud banked, turing back to look at “That was you?" She med and tilted her head slightly
Yes, Master Ican speak to you naw I sand wor& assly
Wow telepathy Now that' s yam [l
blushed and looked away ‘Thank you, Master I
Na problem components when complment' s due FF Chaud med, twang to blush even more Chaud dun’: seem to Wee though “wen, we' re almost to the next
town What do you say you get n the pokebad and I take you aye. to the pokeman center for same '
E 03/ 16/ 03( Sun) 23 32 No 12261317
nodded, lawng her hands behnd her back
Alighty" Chaud staled, pong out pokebad and popping open, to return mum He Wed and set on belt, then began on way to the next
Beeing more deamed than usual, Chaud decided to spend the my at that town He wasn' t exactly terms offish, so the motel he stayed at was sub par at best Pam
for he room, he headed up stars and down the M man he found he room
He out n ' at the by ofthe bed , cushion Chaud threw he backpack onto a char and tame& utely removed he slut Twang that on the
floor, he started to unbuckle he belt He let he pants drop to the floor, leavee hm m boxers He walked aye. to backpack to . pajamas, and &' knotice ane of
the pokeband rol offars belt and rest on the button The ban expanded and popped open appeared n the motel room She yawned spenny, , then tamed
Ln 03/ 16/ 08( Sun) 23 34 No 12261403
Oh myl'
anng around to find underwear m front “Ah Ehwhat are you
She blushed Intensely and tamed away, her hands aye. her face
CC Oh man I' m so embarrassed tles was Imam, tles wasn' t I didn' t CC Chaud chewed on ms lower hp, too Clustered to tue of mm to say m tles awkward
Master I dun’: know you felt that way '
1 Hum" Chanel banked
looked back at hm aye. her shoulder She was sun , but her eyes they dun’: look embarrassed 'Why else would you summon me here? Noww In a motel
room you nearly nude me Just evolved Into tles form
You' been wanting, haven' t you? ‘Hating mull evolved ' She med any moving toward hm She looked as fshy when she moved So graceful, so Her
hand went to chest, song aye. the warm skm ' mm you could have me '
CC ?)" wands face In up we a beacon He could feel knees get shakey and heart race Was pokeman actually And dd she really and why
dun’: he feel more &sisster by tles? Ind he lht he want an along ane. am
She med “Yes Tou can have me ' She pressed her bps agaist , her arms around neck and . hm m a passionate, heated embrace To be honest, she' d
wanted hm too Ever ante she was a Bans But had been Impossible man naw Now H could an 'fit'
Ln 03/ 16/ 03( Sun) 23 36 No 12261469
Chaud was completely taken aback by an tles Bis m. was reeling, but body H seemed to know exactly what to do Bis hands almost unconsciously went to her hps, bps
beg to he back, and a team appendage began to stefen "Minen FF
Tour bps feel so good, Master And you' re so warm I we are ane ' She spoke as them kes... g became fervent
Minen Then let' s not want anymore)" He exclaimed suddenly, sweep... g ane. feet we suddenly, then mung her onto the bed He crawled on ane. her, mm
Oh Master so assertive'
You betchya" He kesey her Ham
He - away
m you have Protection?'
Chaud banked, then mowed brows “Protection 7 ohw Tou mean condoms?"
She nodded
But we don' t need those) I can' t get you pregnant and we' re both snag's, nghty'
Right, but In Just ' She looked away, mung her hp
But what?" He tilted ms head
LT Amonymous 03/ 16/ 03( Sun) 23 39 No 12261564
use condoms forms type That' s normal And we' re dang tles So Ewe used those, Maths more normal, and less we you' re dang mu. an ahmal'
Aw Idon' etue ofyou as an ammily CC
But sun
He pursed bps, then med “okayy I saw a machine Let' s gol"
Gardevoir' s expressing hightened ‘Thank you, Master)'
me. a quck dressin sess. an, Chaud and hamed downstairs to the first floor ofthe motel There was a machine mu. banans amps, mks, and at the very
bottom "Condom's"
my ten '
Oh oh m CC He patted pockets
I don' t have any change
Oh ' baked down at the floor
CC He stared at her face for a moment, then nodded "Don' t worry)" Chaud knelt down m front ofthe machine and stuck hand Into the flap
Masters Are you sure you should be dang that?'
Don' No ane Just more And gottit CC wand - the rubber out ofthe machine and straightened "Now, lets setback up
there and-"
If 03/ 16/ 03( Sun) 23 43 No 12261719
He 1205725395 Egg-( 451 KB, 500x621, png)
h wand and both Jumped as a man clad m heavy brown armor ran up to them, seaking
Oh s. I' m sorry Really It wont happen Ham CC wand stuttered out, wade eyed CC Let me Just get my wan“
THEN PAY mm TOUR BLOOD!" The guard drew out sword
Masters' moved m between ‘Don' t worry, In pro-' The guard beheaded with a angle slash
GARDEVOIRS Noe you MONSTER! you KILLED BERI TOU-" He never Embed sentence as the cold steel ran chest He gasped, and blood melded
out from bps The sword was - out, and wand collapsed was gang dark was samsung He saw Gardevoirs' severed head on the other nde ofthe
room, and the armored man' s feet as he nonchalantly sheathed ms blade and walked away
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(10/22/2009) [-]
User avatar #2 - nightmarepikachu
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(10/21/2009) [-]
i got a boner, it went down then came back up.
User avatar #5 - Prophet of Why
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(10/21/2009) [-]
I knew it would end up like this, but I hoped so hard.

captcha: block
User avatar #33 - IronCawk
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(10/22/2009) [-]
oh well chad died a virgin.

captcha: shaft
(I swear these captchas are not coincidences)
#40 to #33 - anon id: 02f4eed8
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(10/22/2009) [-]
Nobody dies a virgin, because in the end, Life ***** us all. - Kurt Cobain
User avatar #7 - JudasLitl
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(10/21/2009) [-]
that wins so hard
User avatar #58 - sgtpaint
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(10/22/2009) [-]
this person was never hugged as a child
User avatar #1 - Mr Fox
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(10/21/2009) [-]
Hahaha! pokemon and oblivion together lol nice one XD
#53 - aaman **User deleted account**
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(10/22/2009) [-]
little nerd thought he was gonna get lucky lol
#37 - anon id: 7c502541
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(10/22/2009) [-]
he killed them for stealing a ******* condom? ._.
User avatar #69 to #37 - DaFish [OP]
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(10/23/2009) [-]
You have obviously never played Oblivion.
User avatar #26 - sgtpaint
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(10/22/2009) [-]
the first paragraphs scare the hell out of me